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"Dealer refuses service"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

G&W Service Co. L.P. has refused to service Allegiance #16 which was purchased from and installed by G&W American Standard [ Contract # 3327928 ] . The reason given by Vince [the owner] was an employee has personal grievance and I was told to call around to get warranty service.

Paul Karydas

Houston ,TX

"Extended Warranty Worthless"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Salesman offered an American Standard 10-Year Extended Warranty as part of the purchase deal. When the coil failed, nether American Standard not their local dealer would honor the warranty. The reason given was that I had not paid for a dealer annual service contract. That contract is priced at $300 per year, meaning that the included 10-year warranty would cost $3000 over the warranty period. Without it, the warranty is apparently worthless. In 5 years, I've had the coil fail on both of my 2 units, paid to replace relays and capacitors, had a system leak, and had field mice manage to get into the control box (which is not sealed in any way). Poor equipment and a worthless warranty is a bad combination.

J. Bud

Leesburg, VA

"43 years in the industry"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have been in the industry for 43 years! I have sold all models and sizes of American Standard a/c equipment! From 8 Seer up to 22 Seer Accu- Link Systems! Its Amazing how cs rates its equipment from coast to coast! I'm in the northeast and between my vendor and the product of American Standard I couldn't be happier! Great product, best tech support in the industry from my vendor and overall a product that delivers both in a/c and Furnaces!

Dickie Mohre

Cape Cod, MA

"Crappy unit"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Purchased this unit in 2012 at advice of our service provider when our old unit was dying and have had nothing but problems with it since. Over 30 service tickets in 5 years yet neither dealer nor American Standard deem it falls under warranty replacement. We have had just about every part replaced and it still cannot run for a full year without problems. Service provider just keeps replacing parts, says it will run fine now, but problems still persist. Contacted Trane/American Standard about warranty replacement and got nowhere with them. I sent them a copy of all my service records and they are reviewing them, but "since the unit is working at this time, there is nothing they can do." My husband has health issues and cannot take the heat at all, and of course, here it is the middle of June and the a/c has died again (2nd time this year so far).

B Gaume

Dallas, TX

"Never Again"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

From the number of negative reviews I have encountered on different forums, it is clear that I made a mistake choosing the American Standard brand of a/C. Replaced a Rheem unit that ran flawlessly for 20 years until the condensation tray had rusted through and a noticeable reduction in cooling efficiency. Took the advice of my a/c technician that the American Standard brand was just about the best. Little did I know that his advice was not based on experience with the brand, but rather on sales incentives for selling units. Problems started within three months of installation. First service call was about noise coming from the air handler. The technician replaced the motor starting capacitor. That made no sense to me and did not clear the problem. Although the unit was under warranty, I was charged for the service call. Since installation, I have had 2 main contactors replaced and the noise from the air handler is now worse than ever. The noise is a squealing sound that only occurs whenever the outdoor temperature is above about 88 degrees F. It never occurs at night. Opening the air handler panel while the unit is working stops the noise immediately. I have run out of patience with this piece of junk and no one can find the problem.

R. M.

Miami, FL

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