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"5 service calls, still doesn�t work!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I bought this ac unit on August 25th, 2019, and it only worked for about a month. 5 service calls, a whole new condensing unit a week ago, and now it is not working at all! I'm hot, frustrated and for sure will never buy another American Standard product again. Meanwhile, I'm out nearly $5000. And don't know what to do next. I asked my installer, who has been here 5 times and finally brought a whole new unit if he had talked to American Standard. He said, yes, he had, numerous times and they 'just don't care.'

Loretta Keenan

Ocean View, DE

"Lets initiate a class action lawsuit – I am on board"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

When we built our retirement home in 2010, our builder installed an American Standard HVAC system in our home. We were told this system was one of the best. In 2014, we called out the installer to service our system as it was not cooling properly. We were told that the evaporator coil needed replacing. The system was only 4 years old at this time. This was done under warranty and we paid for labor. Four years later in 2018 upon startup for the summer, we noticed it was not cooling properly, and the installer was called out and charged the system. However, in 2019 upon startup for the summer, we had to call out the installer again as the system was not cooling properly. He added freon back again, but it did not last but a little over a month. Upon this next visit, we were told the evaporator coil had a leak in it and that it needed to be replaced again, only this time not under warranty. That meant that the inside air handler would have three coils in less than 9 years. I called American Standard to see if they would replace this evaporator coil and they said it was no longer under warranty. I have owned several homes and have never had a system that was this defective. Every unit lasted at least 15 years or more. With this in my mind, I felt that the system must have been defective and was sure that American Standard would surely help with this third evaporator coil. However, after reading the majority of the comments listed here, this is a prevalent problem and the idea of a class action lawsuit against American Standard might make them appreciate what their consumers are going through. The problems are nationwide and as a few dealers commented that it was the installers fault, I do not believe this, since problems exit with their units everywhere. Surely, there are not that many installers that are not trained to install their units. The problem is with the product and they should be held accountable to the unsuspecting consumer that puts their trust their product.

Jerrold burroughs


"I agree with all the other reviews"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have owned this piece of crap for 8 years. Paid over $8000. for it. My wife and I have been living in such a humid environment ever since we had it installed. We have had several technicians over to adjust it and none have been successful. After hundreds of dollars, we gave up and had to get a dehumidifier in order to get the humidity out.

Francisco Sanchez

Fort Worth, TX

"Don�t know model but"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I inherited my house from my best friend in 2014. She replaced the central ac in 2011. This is the worst piece of crap that has ever existed. It's only 8 years old and I refuse to put one more penny into it! The last straw is a leak in the coil that they won't cover under any sort of warranty! This was built to fail! I'm taking the $1100 it would cost to replace the coil and buying a Bryant. Made in the USA and the company I've been using who has phenomenal Customer Service is installing it. I just put 2 lbs of 410a in it last week and as of right now it's set at 77 and shows 79. The temperature on my patio is currently 71. Don't buy American standard'. I doubt that it's made in America and it's below any standard of the product I want to be affiliated with!



"3.5 years old, both coils are leaking"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Purchased new home in October of 2015 and ac kept short cycling. Technician came out and both sets of coils were leaking, stating that unit will need to be replaced. Waiting on 2 10 home warranty to determine route of replacement. Unreal, do not buy this crap!

Adam Guidry

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