American Standard Allegiance 12 Central Air Conditioners

American Standard Allegiance 12 Air Conditioner Overview

The American Standard Allegiance 12 is a discontinued air conditioner with an efficiency of 12 SEER. It featured a Duration compressor and a Spine Fin coil with a larger surface area, allowing for greater heat transfer. The cabinet had rounded corners for safety, and the powder coat finish, along with weather-resistant screws, helped prevent corrosion. All electrical and refrigerant controls were located under a side panel for easy maintenance.

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Consumer Reviews of American Standard Allegiance 12


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  • Somewhat Unsatisfied
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  • #1 of 5 American Standard Air Conditioner
  • 60% of customers recommended

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American Standard Allegiance 12 Air Conditioner Reviews

"Since 2001 and still going"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

The American Standard Allegiance 12 has been an excellent AC unit. It was installed in 2001 and has been nothing but a dream, no repairs, no Freon ever added to the system. It is matched with a Trane forced hot air furnace. Highly recommend this AC unit to anyone. As for the negative complaints, yeah, I think there must be some other reason for this, I have a hard time believing them.



"Never again American b.s."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We bought this unit in 2010. Had first repair after 5 months of owning it. We have saved all the paperwork over the years and what had to be repaired. Since 2010 they have been back to fix something on the unit 7 times. Every year something has to be fixed. I will never buy anything again made by American Standard. They are coming out tomorrow to repair the unit again. Can't wait to add more paperwork to my American Standard file. Wonder how much this visit will cost me. Warning – stay away from this company.


Dewitt, VA

"Aluminum Coils are Junk"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

My American Standard Allegiance-12 was installed during new home construction in late 1997 along with an American Standard Freedom-90 gas furnace, and did a pretty good job until it developed a condenser coil leak in September 2010. The leak turned-out to be a manufacture defect in the outdoor aluminum coils. The machine that spirals the tines onto the coil during manufacturing was maladjusted and scored the coil causing a weak spot in the line. Over time and vibration, the score ruptured… Leaking the r22 refrigerant. I was able to unconventionally, but effectively repair that leak. However, now we have a new leak too small to detect in another location of the coil… And r22 has tripled in price. The hvac industry has proven that they can build units that will last 18 to 25 years, now they've doubled the price, lowered the quality of materials, and all of this at a time when systems require "high pressure 410a" quality. So much for going "Green" with a good carbon footprint. The new American standard is that quality is inversely proportionally to price. P.S. American Standard furnace blower motor housings are as flimsy as they can get.

Does It Really Matter

Fisherville, Kentucky


5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Best ac/heatpump unit I have owned, repair free for 18 yrs. Added freon and may get another 18 yrs.

Brian Burton

Sherman, TX

"Model 7A2024A"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Our air conditioner has been one of the best units that we ever owned. Great quality and was a good price, even 15 years ago. Parts and service very available. I recommend American Standard to all my customers and friends.

Robert Farr

Bolingbrook, IL

Other Allegiance 12 Reviews

Among the very few online reviews of the Allegiance 12, there is one on from a consumer whose unit was running on full speed all the time, which turned out to be a problem with the thermostat.

Allegiance 12 Warranty

The warranty for the American Standard Allegiance 12 was comprised of the following:

  • 10-year limited warranty on the compressor
  • 10-year limited warranty on the coil
  • 5-year limited warranty on parts

An optional 10-year warranty was available for parts and labor coverage.

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