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"Seriously folks?"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have read reviews on every single heat pump unit and 90% are bad. I had to say that I have an Amana that is 28 years old and never had a problem until this week. It has all the original components. I was already preparing to get a new unit as I knew it was just a matter of time with its age. I respect the fact that the issues are real and something to be aware of but most confusing, to say the least when you see so much bad and you know better like with the Amana system, what can you believe about any system! I am not sure what the problem is but so many people have issues with every single one from the top of the line to the bottom, in fact, I think the bottom has had the best ratings! Geeze!!!! So confusing as to what to believe or to choose from! Sad thing is, these systems do not last half the time they used to, and cost so much. I am sorry to see people that have so many issues. Maybe there are lemons in each kind?

Maggie M.



1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We purchased our Amana Asz140 heat pump in Nov. 2014; this past winter the compressor died as well as the reversing valve. We spent a great deal on service calls since we did not take a contract with the dealer. However, everything was supposed to be fine after the repairs were done some 20 days later. We are now mid-summer and it is 27.5 degrees cel. In the house even though the thermostat is set at 24 degrees; the system is set to Cool but the pump has shut itself off. I will have to spend another bundle again… And as a recent widow, I cannot afford this again. I will NEVER AGAIN buy any Amana product – Thanks a lot, people.

Anne Legacey

Kirkland, QC

"Avoid Amana Heat Pumps"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We took the advice of our previous air conditioning company owner, whom we have had for 30 years or so (who eventually sold out to the current company) and replaced our air conditioner/furnace with the new Amana heat pump and new furnace. We always have the service maintenance agreement for 2x a year maintenance on all units, which includes a humidifier on the furnace. The heat pump broke on us in the first year and Amana had to replace it, but we were charged the installation for this! ($350). This second unit has had multiple problems costing hundreds of dollars to replace/repair, and we today have someone here to replace the super noisy fan on the unit that is breaking ($860). We are retired and wanted a unit that we could depend on working and not have to worry about. But every winter we have to have repairmen come to fix it. We have had it not work every winter since we got it. One time without heat for several days! We have had the air conditioner quit working constantly. It also seems to want to lag behind on the temperature for days, trying to get it warmer inside, or cooler..depending on the season. We constantly have to put the emergency heat on to warm the house. If I had to do it over again, I would never have replaced the older, but "working" units!! Our current company does not sell Amana, but they repair them. They have to take the complaints about Amana, and for that, I feel bad for them. Never again will I ever, ever buy Amana!! Nor will my family/friends, neighbors and anyone who will listen to me. A person could retire on what we spent on this Amana!



"Love Amana"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

The actual Amana product has been great for us in 2 different homes for over 25 years, our modulating heat pump saves us $2,000 a year in LP gas and has never had an ounce of trouble and is the quietest, most comfortable system we have had. A bad install will ruin any brand and cause misery. Properly installed and sized, they are great products. Get referrals on the installers and make sure it isn't one with the Amana Distinctions label on it. They are not the same at all, even though your builder and an Amana Distinction dealer will tell you they are.



"Amana Heat Pump Nightmare!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Unfortunately my neighbors have an Amana heat pump. It is about 6 years old. It is really loud! It makes a high pitched noise like a saw mill! It is so loud I am constantly awakened and unable to sleep. I have run a fan in my bedroom for a year to drown out the noise but now it is so loud I have to wear egg plugs also to sleep and I can still hear the dam thing! I am afraid to complain for fear of starting a neighborhood feud and have then have them harass me and vandalize my property. Two HVAC men have told me Amana heat pumps are junk! Amana nightmare!

James Ewen

Louisville, KY

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