Amana ASZ16 Heat Pumps

Amana ASZ16 Heat Pump Overview

The Amana ASZ16 is a high-efficiency, split-system heat pump that provides an efficiency rating of up to 16 SEER and 9.0 HSPF. The ASZ16 features a two-speed condenser fan motor, and a two-stage, high-efficiency Copeland UltraTech Scroll compressor. High and low-pressure switches are factory installed, along with a bi-flow liquid-line filter dryer. A high density foam compressor sound blanket and the Amana-brand sound control top provide quiet operation. The ASZ16 is both AHRI certified and ETL listed, and uses the environmentally-friendly R-410A refrigerant.

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Amana ASZ16 Heat Pump Reviews

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"Leaky Exchanger after only 4 years"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

After only 4 years the inside exchanger (coil) has a leak. It cost me $75 for the first visit to diagnose, $225 for the second visit to do a "leak search", and today I will have to pay $450 to have the coil replaced! That's $700 for a machine that has only been installed 4 years folks! The servicer showed me the leak and there was quite a bit of rust too. I have read many reviews on here with the same failed part in a short amount of time. Has anyone been able to get Amana to refund some these outragious service costs??

Barry D Yingst

Hiram, GA

"Very satisfied"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I got my new Amana asz16- 16 seer 5 ton heat pump system. It's only 5 days installed and so far I am very satisfied with its performance. It is very quite outside compared to my neighbors heat pumps.It was professionally installed and they put 2 air returns on the furnace. I have an indoor and outdoor thermostat and the readings are accurate compared to the thermostat of the unit. I put my unit at 70 degree f and it has been performing great. I can't wait to test it's performance during summertime here in Texas. So far I am looking forward to see if there will be a significant cut in my electric bill. The lifetime warranty on the compressor and the 10 year parts the installer guarantee is quite a plus. so far so good.


Fort Worth, Texas

"Amana Heat Pump"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Warning to prospective heat pump buyers: 1) Some folks try to save money buying bootleg Amana equipment over the internet w/o a warranty and then complain bitterly about lack of support when their low-ball installer botches the installation. 2) The Amana brand consists of the regular Amana models, plus a budget selection called Distinctions. The former has top-of-the-line features, the highest heating efficiency ratings, and the best warranty/support in the business, bar none. So please take ultra-negative reviews with a grain of salt because some posters will not tell you which equipment they bought or from whom. My Amana ASZ16 HP + ADV8 furnace were purchased from and installed by an authorized Amana dealer. They have provided excellent service and support. My dual fuel system replaced a 17-year-old gas furnace/AC setup. Total energy consumption (mostly heating) has gone down 45%! I also get outstanding comfort levels since I did the right thing and replaced my old ducts with larger ones able to meet the higher airflow requirements of a 4-ton heat pump. As much as I like the system, any knowledgeable HVAC person will tell you that the key to a good system is NOT the equipment, but rather a proper professional installation. Best of luck to you!

HP Gui

"Amana HP"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Purchased asz16 hp in may of 2010. AC worked great. When we switched over to heat, reversing valve was bad. The installer replaced the valve with the same issue. I contacted Amana/Goodman mfg. and made a big stink to the VP of customer relations. A new hp was shipped. When the installer arrived with unit #2, it was sent from the factory broken. Amana along with the installer upgraded me to asz18 hp (unit #3). It arrived the next day. Amana assured me that this model did not have any issues with the reversing valve but it only lasted 1 day before the reversing valve went bad. Unit #4 was sent out. It worked fine for a week then the defrost board failed. It was replaced and unit #4 has been working fine on heat mode. Today, I switched the system over to AC just to check everything out and it will only blow hot air. So I contacted the instaler and was informed that Amana has a problem with the AC now. Good thing my installer has a 1 year satifaction or 100% refund. I would not recommend Amana to anyone.

M. M.

"Great System"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I am a electrical contractor, I have wired in many different heat pumps for over 15 years. After seeing all that I had to choose from, I chose a Amana asz16 Heat Pump. I live in the Northwest and a/c is not that important but heating is. Amana is only average in cooling cost, but the heating is the best I could find. hspf of 9.75 is great.

D. Boyd


Other ASZ16 Reviews

There are a few complaints by consumers on online forums about the ASZ16, but several of them on appear to be with the service techs and not the unit itself. A couple of users on stated that they love the ASZ16, while a couple others complained about delivery time for parts under warranty and the labor costs to install the parts.

ASZ16 Warranty

The Amana ASZ16 heat pump is covered by a Lifetime Unit Replacement limited warranty and a 10-year parts limited warranty.

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