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Amana ASZ13 Heat Pump Overview

The Amana ASZ13 heat pump makes use of a single-stage Copeland scroll compressor that features a specially designed sound-dampening cover made of high-density foam. A wire fan discharge grille also is installed to quiet the unit’s overall operation. The manufacturer’s SmartShift™ technology keeps defrost functions quiet and reliable. Other features of the heat pump include a factory-installed crankcase heater, suction line accumulator and bi-flow liquid line filter drier. The unit has an HSPF rating of up to 8.5 and a SEER rating of 13. The unit’s cooling capacity ranges from 18,000 to 60,000 BTU/hour, while its heating capacity falls between 18,000 to 59,000 BTU/hour.

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Amana ASZ13 Heat Pump Reviews

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"Peace of junk"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I bought this unit two years ago since I've owned replaced outside coil compressor reversing valve and heat kit still every other week installer has to put coolant in it I've Called and complained to customers service no response I've emailed Goodman several times no response this unit is defective I think it should be removed and replaced my next complaint is going to be the BBB I'm sick of dealing with this I paid for a good unit I expect a good unit someone needs to be responsible

George allen

Knoxville, TN

"Complete garbage"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Our builder provided Amana units with our new home which was completed in 2015. We began having problems with both units (2) beginning within weeks of moving in and those issues have remained. While still under warranty (units are only 18 months old), we have had more than a dozen service calls between both units (both heating and cooling have failed). Now, with 95+ temperatures, the evaporator coil is leaking and needs to be replaced ($1100). Units should be replaced, but Amana doesn't respond to repeated contacts. Buy any product besides Amana/Goodman. Garbage product with equally bad customer service.

H. Croxton

Atlanta, GA


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

The only thing that I can tell you that I have had two units in less then eight years and and both had to be replaced.. The first unit had for 24 years and had very few problems and was still running when I replace it with a 4 ton unit and I had nothing but trouble with it. They replace it less then 3 years ago with a unit and I had nothing but trouble,the last problem was the coil and it was going to have to be replace and was going to cost around 1100.00, So instead of having unit repair I had the unit replaced with a Carrier. The company does not build a unit that is worth putting into a house.

Jerry L Bowers

Elizabethton,Tenn 37643

"Do Not purchase"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This unit installed 10/16/09 and from reading other complaints the problem sounds familiar. Compressor failed, leak in the coil around compressor. Only had a 5 yr;. Warranty not 10 yr. Had to pay the labor in order to install costing $1,052. Now unit is leaking Freon and we are out of money also. Unit only lasted 4 yrs. So we are out the thousands we paid for this unit plus over a $1,000 in repairs so far and it still is not working. Buyer beware. The company that installed the unit has avoided us like the plague!

Jerry Bradley

Candler, N.C.

"No Major Issues Here"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I've had this Amana heat pump for about six years now. I don't think the installers were very competent (they had to send out a specialist to get it working the next day) and I had a dead external thermostat in short order that was replaced under warranty. After 5 years, it needed a new start capacitor, typical of any unit, imo. Other than that, it's been running perfectly fine. I honestly think these sites are biased because the people with lemons are looking to vent and people who have units that work fine don't visit these sites. I ran across it while looking how to adjust the defrost cycle. Otherwise, I wouldn't be here.

Bob Barker


Other ASZ13 Reviews

One owner of an Amana ASZ13 heat pump posted on that, according to the AHRI and the sticker on the side of the unit, his pump has an SEER rating of 14 – but the installer certified the unit as a 15 SEER. He wondered if it was really possible to boost the energy-efficiency in this particular unit with a complementary system. Experts on the forum say that although it is possible to improve the SEER ratings for some systems in this way, this is not one of them.

Amana ASZ13 Model Numbers

The ASZ13 is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number SEER / HSPF BTUs per Hour
ASZ130181A* 13 / 8 0
ASZ130241A* 13 / 8 0
ASZ130301A* 13 / 8 0
ASZ130361A* 13 / 8 0
ASZ130421A* 13 / 8 0
ASZ130481A* 13 / 8.2 0
ASZ130601A* 13 / 8.4 0

ASZ13 Warranty

The functional parts, as well as the compressor fitted in the Amana ASZ13 heat pump, are covered by a parts limited warranty that spans 10 years. However, the warranty is valid only if the system has been installed in a single family, owner-occupied residence, and it has been duly registered with Goodman (Amana’s manufacturer) online within a period of 60 days from the date of actual installation (excluding individuals who live in California or Quebec). If the above warranty requirements aren’t followed, all parts are warranted for a period of five years.

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