Amana AMVC95 Furnaces

Amana AMVC95 Furnace Overview

The Amana AMVC 95 is a discontinued two-stage variable-speed gas furnace. The furnace featured a stainless steel heat exchanger and an AFUE rating of up to 96%. It could be synchronized to work with the Amana ComfortNet system that is used to keep a home comfortable year-round. The control board notified the owner when part of the equipment was malfunctioning.

The AMVC 95 came equipped with a two-speed blower for quieter operation. The furnace met the energy-saving requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency. Its full insulated cabinet came with a baked-enamel finish that resisted rust and corrosion. The AMVC 95 featured a silicon nitride igniter that was tested by pressing it through a piece of wood.

Furnace Filters for the Amana AMVC95

Air Flow ConfigurationCabinet WidthFilters
All17-1/2″1 14x25x1
(bottom air return)
All21″1 16x25x1
(bottom air return)
All24-1/2″1 20x25x1
(bottom air return)
AllAll1 16x25x1
(side air return)

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Consumer Reviews of Amana AMVC95


  • Very Satisfied
  • Somewhat Satisfied
  • Neutral
  • Somewhat Unsatisfied
  • Very Unsatisfied
  • #2 of 11 Amana Furnace
  • 69.23% of customers recommended

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Amana AMVC95 Furnace Reviews

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"Stay away from this furnace"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have a 67 year old house and about 4 years ago replaced the old furnace that the house was built around. In the 20 years I lived with that furnace I replaced filters and once had the blower drive belt break. Since buying my Amana I have had 4 emergency service calls, all of which ended with no problem positively identified, because the problem is intermittent, but a large bill to pay. I have had to learn a lot more than I care to know about troubleshooting this piece of junk, and have replaced the hot surface igniter 3 times and the flame sensor once. Now it is acting up again, and it looks like maybe it is the gas valve this time. I am afraid to leave my house in winter for fear the pipes will freeze after the furnace fails again. I wish I could afford to throw it out and get a new furnace that is reliable. I will never buy another Amana though, and neither should you if you don’t want to worry about a frozen house.

Edmonton, Canada

"Working great so far"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

We moved into this apartment approximately eight months ago, right when the weather was starting to go from chilly to cold. We had a four month old baby; needless to say, keeping the place warm was a real priority. We looked at this apartment and we really liked it but it just wasn’t quite warm enough. We told the landlord as much, and he said that he was about to replace the furnace, and that if we wanted we could help him to choose which furnace to buy. He gave us a couple of choices, and this Amana was one of them. We went through all of the specs and reviews and this seemed to be the best choice. It was installed right away, and what a difference it made. The place stayed wonderfully warm all winter. We even had to have a repairman come to look at the hot water heater once and he commented on how we had a great furnace. Obviously we haven’t had it long, but so far we’ve had no problems at all. I can’t tell you how nice it is to have an appliance that you can count on. Many thanks to our landlord, and to Amana.

Springfield, IL

"Furnace packs a punch"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Air flow in home is much better than our old furnace. Very quiet system. The comfort net thermostat is easy to use. I chose best Heating and Cooling. They installed the complete furnace and a/c system in one day. They knew what they were doing and were very professional and friendly. Spent $7400 received $2050 back from MidAmerican Energy.

Des Moines, IA

"Keeping warm while saving money"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

This furnace is not only cheaper to operate, it also is keeping my family more comfortable. The good folks at Kroll furnace did an excellent job installing the unit. I couldn’t be happier.

Grand Rapids Mi

"Very Satisfied Great Furnace"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I installed this Furnace last year. It is very quite. Previously I had a problem with air flow at the second floor. After I had Amana furnace installed, The air flow is great. Good product


Other AMVC95 Reviews

A consumer on asks about various furnace models, including the Amana AMVC 95. The replies note that the Amana is a reliable piece of equipment; the dealer involved was not including a two-stage thermostat. The responder encourages the customer to insist on a two-stage thermostat for proper heating. highly recommends the AMCV 95 as long-lasting. The Amana warranty is also outstanding, according to the site. Posters on rate the Amana furnace higher than a similar one from Goodman. They base the ratings on the quality of the igniter, heat exchangers, and the warranty. shows the AMCV 95 as ranking among the higher end of all energy star gas furnaces for energy efficiency.

Questions and Answers


What does error code b1 on an Amana AMVC95 furnace mean?


A b1 fault code indicates “Integrated control module has lost communications with circulator blower motor”. Possible causes are loose wire connections at the circulator

motor, a faulty circulator motor, or a problem at the control board.�

Amana AMVC95 Model Numbers

The AMVC95 is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
AMVC950453BX 96 46,000
AMVC950704CX 95.5 69,000
AMVC950905DX 95.7 92,000
AMVC951155DX 95.8 115,000

AMVC95 Warranty

The Amana AMVC 95 warranty contains the following terms:

  • Heat exchanger has a limited lifetime warranty. If it ever fails with the original owner, Amana will replace it.
  • Remaining parts are covered under a ten-year limited warranty.
  • Online registration must take place within sixty days of installation to receive the full warranty.

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