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Amana RSD Ultron Air Conditioner Overview

With models operating from 24,000 to 60,000 BTU/H, the Amana RSD Ultron air conditioner has an efficiency rating of 13 SEER and yet, according to the manufacturer, can reach 15 SEER when used with high-efficiency blower coils.

This “budget-friendly” unit, which was discontinued shortly after 2002, was designed with a large fan blade capable of moving large amounts of air. The RSD Ultron is manufactured as a compact unit with a painted sheet metal cabinet. The bottom of the unit is designed to allow drainage and encourage air flow as a corrosion prevention feature. In addition, the fan, motor and coil are protected by heavy-coated grills, and the motor is sealed to ensure protection from the elements.

Maintenance and servicing of the RSD Ultron is made easy via side and top access to the compressor and tubing. Easy-to-reach refrigerant line connections and valves and adequate internal room is further intended to ease unit installation and repair.

Amana uses a Copeland Compliant ZP series scroll compressor in this unit. The hermetic seal in the compressor’s scroll provides protection from current and temperature problems. The compressor also has anti-short cycle protection, a factory-installed sound blanket and a liquid line-filter drier.

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Amana RSD Ultron Air Conditioner Reviews

"Stop complaining"

3.0 rating

I work at a heating and air company. There is no brand of a/c that does not require any servicing. Actually, most of these folks saying problems that are 8 months a part. That's very good. In fact, many other brands have needed service every few months in some cases most frequently. We know its inconvenient and you never want to not have a/c but please don't write any bad reviews because it needed fix ups! Every unit ever has probably needed fixed one way or another. As for the person who quoted 'a reputable dealer said never put Amana in your home first off why not say the dealer? Secondly any hvac dealer knows a/c units break a lot! Must of been a new guy who thought he knew it all.

Stop Complaining

davenport iowa

Other RSD Ultron Reviews

Reviews specifically for the RSD Ultron are scarce, and online reviews for Amana products in general are mixed. Some participants in writing into state that they feel Amana products are excellent, fully satisfy customers, have strong warranties and are affordable. Another homeowner posting on this forum is swayed toward an Ultron air conditioner because of the long-term warranty on the unit. On the other hand, at least one HVAC dealer stopped selling Amana products because of the company’s poor customer, dealer and tech support.

Amana RSD Ultron Model Numbers

The RSD Ultron is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number SEER BTUs per Hour
RSD24A2A 13 25,000
RSD30A2A 13 31,000
RSD36A2A 13 35,800
RSD42A2A 13 42,000
RSD48A2A 13 46,500
RSD60A2A 13 61,000

RSD Ultron Warranty

The Amana RSD Ultron has a 10-year limited warranty on the compressor, condenser coil and matched evaporator coil. All other functional parts are covered by a 5-year limited warranty. An extended service plan may be available through your local dealer.

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