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"Not A Good Idea"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Both the outside and inside units are noisy. It's required warranty service already for a damaged or defective drip pan. The "lifetime" filter doesn't filter, and a large volume of dirt and debris escaped the filter and deposited itself on the inside of the unit (clogged the cooling chamber fins). We tried using custom made disposable filters but the unit began making sounds like it was choking and in imminent danger of exploding, so we reinstalled the factory filter. It is supposed to be more effcient than the 15 year old unit we replaced, but we haven't noticed a difference in our electric bill. The first disappointment we had with the unit was that we cannot run just the fan to pull air through the house. It's either ac or nothing. Although the unit is only one year old we are seriously considering replacing it.


"In-window Amana Air Conditioner"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

It is not central ac but I have to leave my opinion to help other potential buyers. Our Amana turned out to be moderatly loud and due to poor design constantly rattles. But the worst part is that by only 2nd summer it iced over and stopped working. We had to ship it to get serviced. Than it was returned but not re-installed, just dropped on the floor. Last evening I turned it on for the first time this year and it iced over again and stopped cooling!!! It was used for 6 summers, 2 months out each year, needed major repair before and is broken again. In addition, we bought an Amana refrigerator about the same time. It already had a broken compressor. stay away from anything amana!


"Amana A/C unit"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Recently purchased a home in Houston Texas, the house has two Amana A/C units one next to the guest bed room is so loud it keeps my guess up all night had to move them to another room other side of house. I am shocked. has anyone figured out what to do other than getting new units. I would never purchase this type unit.

D Slaughter

Missouri City, TX


2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

I recently purchased an Amana 14 Seer 4 ton ac and furnace to replace my old York system. I am disappointed in how noisy my new unit is. The installer said it is because of the new refrigerant, higher operating pressures, and most of the compressors are the same regardless of brand. I need to check the specs. for average decibel levels. Check the noise level before you buy!

K Study


"Amana central air"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Our old York central air unit finally died, after 45 years of hard service! I had several bids, but the warranty, local distributor, and the service was best with Amana. Pricing was competitive too, but these units are not only very efficient, but they are also very quiet. This is a new unit this spring (2009), so time will tell on the quality, but the warranty that was included gives us peace of mind…….


West Des Moines, Iowa

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