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"Amanna SEER14"

3.0 rating

I bought a replacement AC/Heating unit to replace an old unit(20yrs old) and this year the compressor went out. the install company Hixon h/a came out and replaced the compressor at no charge but told me that Amanna was charging them $50.00 for trade-in of old compressor. This model was purchased because it had a 10yr warr on the compressor and lifetime on the heat-exchanger and other heating compnets parts….I Thank Hixon for standing behind their products but shame on Amanna for charging the vendor…..

Bill Stephens

"Numerous repairs in less than 10 months"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I purchased an amana ac unit in August of 08, it has already been repaired and now it is out again. Where I am, it is over 90 degrees and they are telling me that it will be 48 hours before they can get anyone out here. I have requested that they replace the unit since it is obviously a lemon, but they are refusing. It is 90+ degrees inside and unbearable. I was misled on this unit and it is a piece of crap. When I was speaking with the rep at Amana I heard him speaking with a supervisor in the background and he said "here is one for tomorrow" and the guy said "no, we can't confirm next day, it has to be two days". This is utter garbage. I even offered to have a local company that I could get here today to do it and pay half, but they refused.

T Johnson

"Very Quiet Unit"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I bought a foreclosure that had the unit stolen from it. I got an Amana 14 seer. I wanted to get an Amana because it has a lifetime warranty on the compressor. It is very quiet and runs well. I am so pleased!


"Wouldn't recommend this brand"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have had 3 service calls due to freon leaks! First service call, couldn't find the leak, second service call, found leak within condensor, replaced the condensor. Now just had third service call and had different contractor which found leak in valve. I was very disappointed and was concerned because this year is the last year that I could refill with chlorine based freon. If there is leak, I would be supremely disappointed and stuck with useless system. I do not like the idea of shell out another three grand to replace the faulty system. Amana sucks!


"Love it"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

My amana a/c died after turning 18 bought a new one much smaller and alomost slient compard my old one form what i've read theres differnt modles that are bag the compressor so there's almost no noise all I hear is the fan blowing


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