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"Compressor won't run"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Team Electric installed this unit and it has not run for more than two consecutive weeks this entire summer. They constantly come and reset it and then leave saying they cannot determine why. They have loose wiring, filters, excessive hot weather and sensitive sensors; but the problem never gets corrected. Today is July 18, 2018 and Team Electric has been here for four consecutive days trying to get it to run by resetting it, but they cannot get it to even reset. They finally gave up two days ago and said it must be a manufacturing problem and we that we have to wait for a manufacturing representative to come diagnose the very complicated unit. We have been without air conditioning for four days and we are still waiting for the manufacturing representative to come take a look at it. As of today, we were told that Amana cannot have someone here to diagnose it today. We then contacted Amana ourselves and are still waiting for their return call and/ or reply via email on this matter. As the customer, we are not very satisfied with the installer (Team Electric) or Amana.

B. Free

Colts Neck, NJ


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Replaced an American Standard system with an Amana central system in 2013, within a year the condenser coil needs to be replaced, under warranty, coil only, got as bill for $1600 from All American Air & Electric for freon and labor, what a deal! Almost 5 years after installation the air handler coil needs replacement, under warranty, coil only, freon and labor not. Another almost $1300 bill. Installer comes up with this bs story that the stock market was struggling and that all manufactures were experimenting with different materials to make coils cheaper and this is the result. All the manufactures had that problem and America Standard lead the way. Wanted to beat him endlessly, such bs. Buy anything but amana and buy from anybody but all american air & electric. They're both a joke!!!!!!

Mike Decker

Port St Lucie, FL

"Terrible parts replacement time"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

18 months ago the blower motor failed. It took two weeks to get a replacement while my family fought 95 to 100 degree temps. Three weeks ago the upstairs coil failed, three days later they sent the wrong coil out. Four days later the correct one was installed but only to find out the heat pump was defective. Six days later the heat pump was installed. This period of time the temperatures ranged from 12 to 40 degrees at night. The supply house didn't keep any spare parts in stock. When the unit is operating correctly I have no complaints, the wait for parts is ridiculous.

j wolf

Huntsville, TX

"I love my Amana A/C"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I had a Carrier that blew up in 2004! I had an Amana system installed and it is now 2018! The compressor blew a couple of years ago and they replaced it for free. Original installer installed it for $300! It is very efficient and when it comes time to replace it, I will get another Amana!

Debbie K.

Boca Raton, FL

"Poor Quality & Service"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I had my first Amana a/c installed three years ago by Adams Air Conditioning & have had nothing but problems this year costing me hundreds of dollars. The entire outside unit was replaced, lines serviced & thermostat replaced…still not working properly. I will never again purchase another Amana product & will be sure to warn others to avoid doing so also.



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