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Addison Brand Overview

Addison Manufacturer Overview

Addison-HVAC makes commercial and industrial heating, cooling and dehumidification equipment. The company operates as a subsidiary of Roberts-Gordon, LLC, and is headquartered in Orlando, Florida.

Corporate History

Addison Products Co. was founded in 1949. Addison became ISO 9001: 2000 certified in 2003. In 2004, Fedders purchased Addison’s assets from Heat Controller Inc. and established Fedders Addison Co. In 2008 Roberts-Gordon, LLC, purchased the company from Fedders and changed the company name from Fedders Addison Company to Addison. Today Addison operates as a subsidiary of Roberts-Gordon, LLC. Other Roberts-Gordon subsidiaries include SAS Dectron Company and Weather-Rite, LLC. Roberts-Gordon focuses on Infrared Tube Heaters and Infrared Heating. Roberts-Gordon has been in the radiant heating space for over 50 years. Their infrared heating tubes are often used for heating garages, as a plug-and-play device, but the company also scales to custom engineered systems. The company claims their systems can reduce energy bills up to 50%.

Product Lines

Addison provides commercial and industrial rooftop packaged heating and cooling units, humidity control, water and air source heat pumps, as well as split systems – both condensing units and air handlers.

The VC/HC series are indoor, split system air handlers, as is the FC series.

The RC series corresponds to an outdoor condensing unit.

Vertical Water Packages are another unit from Addison. These are designed to cool multi-story, high rise buildings. These are cooled, water packages, stationed vertically atop buildings, designed to be more efficient at heating and cooling than heat pumps.

Addison’s Linear Capacity Dedicated Outdoor Air System claims to be the most energy efficient dedicated outdoor air system, along with over 50 percent energy savings when compared to fixed capacity dedicated outdoor air systems. Addison’s system runs a range of 300 – 7,500 CFM of outdoor air.

Water to Water units can be used in conjunction with air handlers, or any other unit, as a source of chilled water. It can also serve as a heating unit.

Specialty controls, called Automated Logic Controls, allow any of the company’s systems to operate as part of a complete building automation system. Described as a “plug and play” device, it can be used with any new or existing system, with “safe and efficient operation.”


A general statement of a limited warranty of Addison products describes a 5-year limited warranty on the compressor from the date of purchase, and one year warranty on replacement parts.

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