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Acme Wood Furnace Reviews

"Junked out in 6 yrs"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Bought this stove 6 years ago and the water tank is gone. Counted 8 holes in it and the steel is so cheap it is very difficult to weld on without burning a bigger hole. These outdoor stoves are supposed to last 15-20 yrs. The owner of the company wants $2000 to bring a used stove as a trade. That means I am 3 yrs away from the same problem. No thank you! Do not buy one of these stoves even if it is cheaper. There is a reason they are cheap.

Derek B


"This is a good furnace"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have been using this furnace for 4 years. It paid itself off in 2 years with the savings from not using propane. My house is about 2000 sq. Ft. And we keep the temperature at 68 at night and 73 from 5 am to 9 pm. I have to load it twice per day. This takes place about 5am and 5 pm. We burn between 5-7 cord per season from 2nd week of Nov. To 2 week of Apr. We only burn when the outside temp is below 55f. Thats my personal preference. I have had a couple of small issues, blower motor failed after 3 years and pump failed after 2 years. Both these devices are not made by Acme. They can be purchased online or from Home Depot/Menards and are not all that expensive. About $75-100. I keep a spare just in case! It only takes minutes to change them out. The door seal failed in the first year. I replaced it and that to failed by the end of the first year. Then I decided to let the creasote build up in the grove where the seal belongs and now havent had an issue in the past 3 years. This now acts as the seal. The chimney does clog with creasote. I clean mine once every 10 days. Its easy to clean. Just get up on top of the furnace with a fence post and scrape it down. It will burn up in the firebox. I would buy this again and recommend it to everyone whom asks. It is the least expensive furnace I have found for purchase.

Wesley Simpson

Long Point, IL

"Creosote buildup in flue"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

I purchased an Acme 340 outdoor wood furnace. This is my 3rd season. The issue I have with the furnace is the exhaust flue building up creosote in a short period of time. I need to clean the flue weekly, if not it will plug up and you will see smoke escaping around the door seal. My thought is that where the flue passes through the water tank it cools the flue gasses down, causing the creosote to build up on the flue wall. Does anyone have an idea to prevent this problem?

Jerry Gillilan

Pleasantville, OH

"I love my outdoor wood boiler!"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

We've owned our boiler since October 2014, so about 7 months now. I love that it heats the house and hot water, mostly eliminating our need to use propane to heat the water, or the electric heat pumps that we used last year. We saved over $6000 in just propane, never mind the lower electric bills. That means that it's already paid for itself and then some, which is amazing! The only downfall that I have noticed is that we have to have wood to put in it, which means going out in the rain, sleet and snow to load it up. We have been lucky enough that local tree removal companies have been willing to drop off wood instead of paying to get rid of it. And honestly, I would have rather spent the $200 per cord of wood for the 10 cords we've burned thus far, than the $6000 in propane for the water heater, never mind the electric heat! Obviously, we haven't had to repair anything at this point, but one of our friends has had one for the past 15 years and has only had to replace the door seal. I would buy this, or any Acme product again, and have been telling everyone I know to do the same! It is well worth the money.

Old Lyme, Ct

"ACME wood furnace model 340"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

The Acme 340 is working as advertised – I am heating the house (2100 sq. Ft.), a 3-car attached garage, and domestic hot water. Am loading wood every 12-14 hours but there is always quite a bit left when I go to load, so it should be able to go a few hours more before tank water temp can no longer be maintained. Thus there is some extra capacity – it should be able to heat a larger house with a 12 hour burn time. This unit is a simply constructed furnace without bells and whistles. It is fairly easy to customize to add a cutoff switch for the draft fan and a light and switch. One advantage of the Acme is the option to include a copper coil inside the tank for heating a continuous stream of domestic hot water. Simple options like this and an extra hookup mean extra versatility. It does produce a lot of smoke, even some smoke around the door. In terms of emissions…not super clean. A campfire would have lower emissions. I recommend wearing a face shield while loading wood onto the fire to prevent eyebrow singe. Wear a hat so your hair doesn't smell of smoke. I like the large firebox (48" long) but somehow it is difficult to get two 24" pieces or even a 22" and 24" into it. Am going to start cutting 20" pieces to be able to pack in two rows. But if you cut limbs, even big ones 12"-14" inches in diameter and 42" long, you can get them in there though it takes a bit of doing. That's pretty handy and it helps the longevity of the burn. Overall, it has been a good unit so far. Would recommend to others.

Jim Guthrie

Kingdom City, MO

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