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Westinghouse Heat Pumps and Furnaces

Updated: Aug 23, 2018
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Westinghouse HVAC markets a number of high-efficiency heating and cooling products. These products are manufactured by Nortek Global HVAC (formerly Nordyne), which licenses the Westinghouse name and 100-plus-year brand history. Nortek Global HVAC is a subsidiary of Nortek, Inc. and had revenue of approximately $642 million in 2017. 

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Corporate History

The Westinghouse Electric Co. was founded by George Westinghouse in 1886. After close to a century of acquisitions and inventions, the corporation divested itself of a number of divisions in the 1970s. In 1981, the company's heating and cooling business was acquired by the York division of Borg-Warner.

In the 1990s, Westinghouse sold its defense business to Northrup Grumman, purchased the CBS television network, and later acquired Infinity Broadcasting. In 1999, the company, then known as CBS Corp., sold itself to Viacom.

Today, the Westinghouse brand name is licensed to Nortek Global HVAC, which manufactures these HVAC products in North America.

Product Lines

A number of air conditioner, furnace and heat pump options are available under the Westinghouse brand. Systems run on the side of high-efficiency, with a range of 13 to 25.5 SEER for cooling units and 80 to 97 percent AFUE for furnaces.

Features including programmable thermostats, filtering systems to reduce allergens such as mold and dust, and ozone-safe refrigerants. Outdoor units are covered by a metal jacket to protect the coil from weather damage and flying debris.

Westinghouse's iQ Drive products are the company's leading and most efficient heating and air conditioning systems. These systems use inverter-driven rotary compressors which allow the system to module between capacities and determine the energy needed to heat or cool the home.

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Westinghouse Heating and Cooling
8000 Phoenix Parkway
O'Fallon, MO 63368

Phone: (800) 422-4328


Westinghouse provides a 10-year warranty on all parts when the unit is registered with the company. Heat exchangers and compressors are covered by a 10-year warranty Quality Pledge, if registered; this means that if the unit fails during that time, the homeowner will receive an entirely new unit. An additional limited lifetime warranty is added to heat exchangers in registered units. Extended warranties also are sold by the company.

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