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Trianco Heatmaker Boilers

Updated: Apr 13, 2018
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Components for Trianco Heatmaker boilers, as well as furnaces and heaters, are manufactured by Laars Heating Systems, which is owned by Bradford White Corp. Boilers produced by the company today are named either Laars or Bradford White, but parts are still available for the Trianco Heatmaker brand. Bradford White Corp. is a privately owned company.

Corporate History

Heatmaker boilers were originally produced in Randolph, Mass. Trianco, a heating supply company in Sheffield, England, acquired Heatmaker in 1989. In 1998, Teledyne Water Pik purchased Trianco Heatmaker Inc. The Teledyne Water Pik heater and boiler division soon became Laars Heating Systems. In 2005, Bradford White acquired Laars Heating Systems from Teledyne. Laars operates a manufacturing plant in Rochester, N.H.

Product Lines

Trianco Heatmaker produced several lines of boilers. The Endurance line included the EBP, a modulating combination boiler; the EDP, a modulating hydronic boiler; and the EDN, a non-ferrous boiler. The H and HP lines of boilers are hydronic water boilers for heating. The HW boiler provides hot water for use, as well as for heating. Trianco Heatmaker also produced a line of 9600 CB condensing boilers. Parts for these products are still supplied by Laars Heating Systems.

Environmental Impact

Trianco Heatmaker boilers operate on either gas or propane. Newer boilers that use natural gas are considered very energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, second only to electric boilers.

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Contacting Trianco Heatmaker

Laars Heating Systems
20 Industrial Way
Rochester, NH 03867

Phone: 800-900-9276
Administrative Phone: 603-335-6300

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