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Slant/Fin Boilers

Updated: Jul 21, 2015
By Gary Sprague
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Slant-Fin HVAC Equipment

Slant/Fin is a privately-held company that sells residential and commercial heating equipment, including boilers, baseboard and water heaters. Slant/Fin is headquartered in Greenvale, New York.

Corporate History

Mel Dubin founded Slant/Fin in 1949 in the back of a Coney Island, N.Y., bakery. Its name comes from its original commercial-grade locked, slanted fins. Since then, the company reports that it has become the country's largest baseboard heating equipment manufacturer.

Product Lines

 [ Slant-Fin Series :  ]

Slant/Fin manufactures a number of high-efficiency residential gas and oil-fired boilers, including several in the Eutectic line that the company says are the quietest in the industry. That line is named for its eutectic heat exchanger, which the manufacturer says resists both thermal shock and corrosion. The company also sells several lines of baseboard -- the Fine/Line 30, Base/Line 2000 and Multi/Pak 80 -- which range in features from ultra-durable to ultra-affordable.

Also offered is the HWT indirect-fired storage water heater, which reportedly earns better efficiency than either a gas- or oil-fired indirect heater. The DHWG domestic hot water generator operates with a boiler to provide small residences with "virtually instant" hot water. Finally, the small-scale "Kicker" is a fan convection heater that heats like a baseboard heater without taking up the same amount of space.

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Contacting Slant-Fin

100 Forest Drive
Greenvale, NY 11548

Phone: (516) 484-2600


Product registration is required to receive the full benefits of your Slant/Fin product. Slant/Fin backs its cast-iron products with a limited lifetime warranty. Additional parts warranties range from 7 to 15 years.

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