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Updated: Aug 29, 2018
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Rheem makes residential and commercial central air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps and water heaters. Rheem is privately held and headquartered in Atlanta. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Paloma Industries, which is part of the Paloma Group, a privately-held company headquartered in Nagoya, Japan. The Paloma Group reports its annual revenue to be approximately $3.3 billion.

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Corporate History

Rheem was established in 1927 by brothers Richard and Donald Rheem. In 1959 the company acquired the Ruud Manufacturing Co., and in the 1960s and 1970s expanded its product line to include heating and air-conditioning equipment. In 1988 it was purchased by the Paloma Group.

Rheem has manufacturing plants in the United States in Alabama, Arkansas, Minnesota, and California. It also has facilities in Canada, Australia, Mexico, Brazil and Singapore.  

Product Lines

Rheem gas furnaces come in the Prestige, Classic and Value series, each of which have options in an 80- or 90-plus-percent efficiency range. Features include ability to communicate with other systems and accessories, direct spark or hot surface ignition, PSC motors, and variations on installation position. Oil furnaces come in the Classic series and come in up to 86.5% AFUE models.

Rheem's air conditioners also fall into the Prestige, Classic and Value series, with efficiencies up to 19.5 SEER. Other featuers among these units include high/low pressure switches, Copeland scroll compressors, durable cabinet construction and high-tech diagnostic boards. Similarly, heat pumps in these series offer up to 17 SEER and 9.8 HSPF with features much like the air-conditioning units. Single-, 2- and 3-phase packaged units, with scroll compressors and options such as dual-fuel, also are available.

Reviews by Series

13AJN (9 reviews)
14AJM (12 reviews)
Classic (20 reviews)
Prestige (23 reviews)
RASL-JEC (5 reviews)
RSPM (6 reviews)
13AJL (5 reviews)
13AJM (4 reviews)
RAKA (5 reviews)
RALB (1 review)
RAMB (2 reviews)
RSMA (1 review)
Classic (5 reviews)
Classic 90 (3 reviews)
Classic 90 Plus (5 reviews)
Prestige (1 review)
Prestige 90 Plus (2 reviews)
Prestige w/CCC (2 reviews)
13PJL (16 reviews)
Classic (19 reviews)
JAZ (2 reviews)
JEC (3 reviews)
RP17 (0 reviews)
RPNL-JEZ Prestige (1 review)
RPQL-JEZ (6 reviews)
RPWC (1 review)
RQNL / Classic (2 reviews)
14PJL (3 reviews)
Classic VIII (6 reviews)
Prestige (15 reviews)
RPNL-JAZ (3 reviews)
RQNA (2 reviews)
EcoSense (4 reviews)
Electric Tankless (4 reviews)
Marathon (4 reviews)
Performance (26 reviews)
Performance Platinum (22 reviews)
Performance Plus (18 reviews)
Power Vent (8 reviews)
Professional (8 reviews)

Environmental Impact

Rheem has a long-term sustainability program aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emmisions, energy and water consumption, and waste generation. These improvements are achieved by rainwater harvesting systems, recycling discharge water from water heater testing, energy efficient lighting, and other initiatives.

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Contacting Rheem

Rheem Heating & Cooling Products
5600 Old Greenwood Road
Fort Smith, AR 72903

Phone: (479) 646-4311


Rheem provides a limited warranty on parts ranging from one to ten years that, regardless of the system, requires registration with the company within 60 days of a unit's installation. Limited lifetime heat exchanger warranties are available for many products. Extended warranties also are available.

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