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Polaris Boilers and Water Heaters

Updated: Aug 30, 2018
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American Water Heaters (AWH) which owns the Polaris brand, is a manufacturer of gas, electric and oil-fired water heaters for the residential, wholesale and commercial sectors. AWH is owned by A.O. Smith. A.O. Smith saw 2017 net sales of approximately $3 billion.

Corporate History

American Water Heaters was acquired by GSW in April 2002. GSW sells electric, gas, propane and oil-fired products to customers in the wholesale, retail and energy services channels across Canada under the GSW and John Wood brand names. A.O. Smith, one of the world's leading manufacturers and marketers of residential and commercial water heating equipment, bought GSW in April 2006. A.O. Smith puts an emphasis on research and development of new products, having spent $73.7 million in 2015 on research efforts.

Product Lines

The Polaris brand name is now attached to a series of high efficiency water heaters produced by American Water Heaters. The water heaters feature high grade 444 stainless steel tanks and provide up to 96% thermal efficiency, with a standby heat loss of approximately 1%.

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Contacting Polaris

American Water Heaters
500 Tennessee Waltz Parkway
Ashland City, TN 37015

Phone: 888-301-3240


The Polaris water heaters are covered by a 10-year limited tank warranty and a 1-year limited parts warranty, valid only for the original homeowner. To receive full benefits, the heater must be registered online.

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