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Oneida Royal

Updated: Aug 30, 2018
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Oneida Royal markets a line of residential and commercial gas- and oil-fired furnaces and central air conditioning products. Oneida Royal is owned by ECR International Inc. and headquartered in Utica, NY. ECR saw revenue of 107.76 million in 2017

Corporate History

Oneida Furnace Co. was founded in 1822 to manufacture home heating equipment. The Utica Company purchased Onedia, and the Oneida Royal brand, in 1990. In 1999 Utica merged with Dunkirk Radiator Corp. to create ECR International Inc.

In 2008, ECR completed a 30,000-square-foot expansion of its manufacturing facility, including the installation of a research and development lab for hydronic, warm air and cooling products.

Product Lines

Oneida Royal markets a line of air conditioners and mid- to high-efficiency gas and oil furnaces, including two Energy Star rated gas-fired models and two Energy Star rated oil-fired models.The Energy Star rated gas models are the G95V, a four-position, two- stage variable-speed unit with an efficiency of 95% AFUE, and the GTHB/GTHC, a four-position unit which also has an efficiency of 95% AFUE.

The Energy Star rated oil models are the HOB, a multi-position unit with an efficiency of up to 83.5% AFUE, and LOB lowboy, with an efficiency of up to 84% AFUE. 

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Contacting Oneida Royal

Oneida Royal
P.O. Box 4729
Utica, NY 13504-4729

Phone: (315) 797-1310


Oneida offers with its furnaces a 5-year warranty on all parts and a limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger; air conditioners likewise receive a 5-year warranty. Also available is an extended warranty program that provides additional labor and parts coverage. To receive the full benefits of the warranty, the product must be registered online. 

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