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Olsen / Airco

Updated: Aug 30, 2018
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Olsen HVAC Equipment
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Olsen markets a line of oil furnaces and air conditioners under the Olsen/Airco name. Olsen/Airco is a brand of ECR International, which is headquartered in Utica, NY. Its Olsen division is headquartered in Utica, New York and Wallaceburg, Ontario. ECR had revenue of approximately 107.76 million in 2017.


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Corporate History

Olsen and Airco were furnace brands produced by Duomatic-Olsen, later known as DMO Industries. DMO Industries changed its name to Olsen Technology Inc. in 1989. In December 2000, it became part of ECR International when that company acquired certain assets of what was then Olsen Technology from Canadian Manoir Industries Ltd. to form ECR International Ltd. - Olsen Division.

At one point in time, Olsen marketed warm air products under its name, while furnaces were sold under its Airco brand. Today, there is apparently no difference between the equipment marketed as Olsen and the equipment marketed as Airco, and the distinction remains for historical reasons.

Product Lines

Olsen/Airco markets a line of mid- to high-efficiency furnaces and air condtioners. Its UML oil furnace is a multi-position unit with efficiencies of up to 87.5 percent AFUE, and an Energy Star rated UMLV model features an optional variable-speed motor powered by an ECM. More options are offered among oil furnaces, which include lowboy and highboy selections.  

Olsen/Airco also offers the GSX 13 SEER air conditioner, which the company describes as durable and energy efficient.


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Contacting Olsen

Olsen/Airco Heating & Cooling Products
2201 Dwyer Ave
Utica, NY 13501

Phone: 315-797-1310
Fax: 315-797-3762


Olsen furnaces are covered by a limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser on the heat exchanger: the company will supply a replacement to protect you against any defective material or workmanship. It also offers a warranty on the parts for at least five years to the original purchaser: it will supply a replacement of any component that contains flawed materials or workmanship. 

Air conditioners are covered by a 10-year parts limited warranty.

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