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Nuheat Floor Heating Systems

Updated: Aug 31, 2018
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Nuheat is a brand of electric floor heating for residential and commercial applications. Nuheat is a subsidiary of Pentair and is located in Richmond, BC, Canada. Pentair had net sales of approximately $4.9 billion in 2017, with its U.S. headquarters located in Minneapolis, MN.

Corporate History

Nuheat was founded in 1960 and grew into a leading electric floor heating company. Pentair acquired Nuheat in 2015 from Fulcrum Capital Partners III LP, which had purchased the company in 2008. Nuheat is now part of Pentair’s Thermal Building Solutions division.

Product Lines

Nuheat products are designed for use with a variety of flooring types, including tile, stone, and engineered wood. Standard mats are available in over 70 sizes, while custom mats are custom manufactured to fit the dimensions of any room. Cable systems offer more flexibility for rooms with curves and come in 33 sizes. Mesh kits are available as a flexible strip-and-roll solution and come in 32 sizes.

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Contacting Nuheat

Thermal Building Solutions
3105 - 6900 Graybar Road
Richmond, BC V6W 0A5

Phone: 800-778-9276


Nuheat heating systems are covered by a 25-year product warranty, with a 3-year warranty on thermostats. A 25-year Total Care warranty is offered on installations completed by Nuheat Certified PRO installers. The Total Care warranty exceeds the product warranty by covering floor heating system replacement and floor covering renovations to initial state.

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