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Nordic Geothermal Heat Pumps

Updated: Aug 18, 2017
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Nordic is a brand of residential and commercial geothermal and air source heat pumps. The Nordic brand is owned by Maritime Geothermal Ltd, a privately held company located in Petitcodiac, NB, Canada.

Corporate History

Maritime Geothermal Ltd was founded in 1983 by Glenn Kay and his mother Edna. Glenn handled the design and production of the heat pumps while Edna took care of accounting and sales, and together they created the Nordic brand. In 1990 the company introduced their first active cooling liquid-to-air heat pump, the R Series, which would become one of their best selling geothermal heat pumps. In 1991 they added a computerized CSA/ISO certified testing lab, and they claim to be the only heat pump manufacturer in Canada to maintain a lab of this type.

Today the company’s products are produced in a state of the art, 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility and tested in their CSA certified lab.

Product Lines

The Nordic line of heat pumps includes liquid source heat pumps, high temp heat pumps, and air source heat pumps. The R Series Residential is a liquid source heat pump designed for semi or fully detached homes. It’s available in slim horizontal, vertical, and split configuration and distributes hot and cold air through a ductwork system, and includes a desuperheater to preheat domestic hot water.

The W Series Residential is a liquid-to-water heat pump designed for homes or light commercial buildings that require hot water for in-floor heat. High temperature heat pumps are available in the WH and WC Series.

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Contacting Nordic

Maritime Geothermal Ltd
PO Box 2555
Petitcodiac, NB E4Z 6H4

Phone: 506-756-8135


Nordic residential heat pumps are backed by a by a ten-year limited warranty on major refrigerant circuit components and a five-year limited warranty on all remaining components. The warranty also includes a service labor allowance for the first five years on the compressor and major refrigerant circuit parts and two years on all other parts.

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