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Newmac Manufacturing Furnaces and Boilers

Updated: Sep 7, 2018
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Newmac Manufacturing makes furnaces and boilers that are sold through distributors in the United States and Canada. The company is headquartered in South Pittsburgh, TN. Newmac is owned by the private company, United States Stove Company.


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Corporate History

Newmac began producing home heating products for the North American market in 1975, with a focus on manufacturing products which rely on renewewable resources. The facility features a manufacturing area of 50,000 square feet of reinforced floor space. The company also provides custom metal fabrication and other services. In 2014, Newmac was acquired by United States Stove Company. 

Product Lines

Newmac promotes its boilers and other heating equipment as being quiet, clean and safe. The units are built to ISO9001 (International Standards Organization) certification requirements and are also certified by the CSA and Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL).

Newmac offers multi-fuel-, and oil-fired boilers.

The oil burning boilers, NBR-2001 and NBR-2002, are Energy Star-rated and feature a stainless steel burn chamber, top-mounted controls for maximum viewing, a glass port for easy operational inspection and horizontal tubing for easy maintenance and high efficiency. The size is compact and the units may be stacked for customers using staged systems. The larger NBR-3001 has similar features, but is not an Energy Star appliance.

Among its combination boilers is the BC-160, which burns wood or oil, and in the United States can burn gas. It offers a 24-inch firebox with good access for cleaning and fuel loading. It holds 65 gallons of water and the controls come factory-wired, which can make for easy installation. Controlled draft and horizontal tubes provide the greatest heat transfer and entrance. The baffles keeping oil and wood gases apart are cast iron.

In addition, the company supplies a multi-position electric forced air furnace that comes ready for air conditioner installation; an oil-fired forced air furnace in lowboy, multi-position and highboy installation options; and a range of solid fuel-fired furnaces that can run on combinations of wood, oil, coal and pellets.

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Contacting Newmac

Newmac Mfg. Inc.
277 Industrial Park Road
South Pittsburgh, TN 37380

Phone: (902) 750-2723
Fax: (423) 837-2109


Newmac products carry a 1-year parts warranty, although specifics for components such as heat exchangers and pressure vessels vary based on the individual system. A 10- or 20-year pro-rated limited warranty is the norm for these parts. Registration is required to receive full warranty benefits.

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