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Lennox Furnaces, Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

Updated: Aug 30, 2018
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Lennox Industries sells residential and commercial furnaces, central air conditioners and heat pumps. Lennox is owned by Lennox International, Inc in Richardson, Texas. Lennox International trades on the NYSE under the symbol LII and had 2017 gross revenues of approximately $3.84 billion.

Corporate History

Dave Lennox developed and patented his first furnace in 1895. He sold the business to a small group of investors in 1904, who named the company the Lennox Furnace Co. In 1955, the company changed its name to Lennox Industries, to reflect its change in emphasis from furnaces alone to furnaces, air conditioning and agricultural equipment.

In 1984, Lennox International Inc. was created as a holding company for Lennox Industries. Lennox International Inc. owns several independent subsidiaries, including Lennox Industries, Heatcraft and Allied Air Enterprises Inc. Lennox International was privately held until it completed an initial public offering on July 28, 1999.

In the 21st century Lennox has opened offices in several countries, including Poland, Russia and Italy.

Product Lines

Lennox makes gas and oil furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps that fall into the Signature, Elite and Merit series. Its gas furnaces have efficiency ratings that range from 80 to 98.7 percent AFUE, and cover a range of options in speeds, stages and efficiencies. Two oil furnaces are offered: the SLO185V and ELO183. The company's air conditioners can reach as high as 26 SEER, with these high-end options promoted as being particularly quiet. Several ductless systems also are available.

Reviews by Series

13ACX (10 reviews)
14ACX (14 reviews)
Elite (12 reviews)
HS26 (8 reviews)
HSXA19 (2 reviews)
Merit (15 reviews)
Signature (8 reviews)
SL18XC1 (0 reviews)
XC13 (8 reviews)
XC14 (11 reviews)
XC20 (0 reviews)
XC21 (19 reviews)
XC25 (2 reviews)
10ACC Merit (3 reviews)
13ACC Merit (6 reviews)
CHA16 (4 reviews)
GCS16 (3 reviews)
HS21 (3 reviews)
HS29 (1 review)
HSXB15 (5 reviews)
XC17 (6 reviews)
Conservator (4 reviews)
GSB8-E (2 reviews)
GWB8-E (4 reviews)
GWB8-IE (4 reviews)
GWM-IE (24 reviews)
EL296V (4 reviews)
Elite (24 reviews)
G40UH (6 reviews)
G43 (4 reviews)
G50UH (4 reviews)
G51 (3 reviews)
G60 (4 reviews)
G60V (3 reviews)
G61 (3 reviews)
GCS16 (0 reviews)
Merit (5 reviews)
ML195 (5 reviews)
Signature (2 reviews)
SL280V (6 reviews)
SLP98V (31 reviews)
EL195 (5 reviews)
G26 (15 reviews)
G32 (7 reviews)
G50 (7 reviews)
G51MP (5 reviews)
G60UHV (3 reviews)
G61MP (8 reviews)
G61V (22 reviews)
G71P (12 reviews)
G8Q3 (2 reviews)
HM30 (4 reviews)
Pulse (10 reviews)
13hpd (10 reviews)
14HPX (6 reviews)
Elite (21 reviews)
Elite 13CHPX (1 review)
Merit (10 reviews)
Signature (17 reviews)
XP15 (11 reviews)
XP16 (8 reviews)
XP21 (1 review)
XP25 (5 reviews)
15CHPX (3 reviews)
HP26 (4 reviews)
HP29 (4 reviews)
HPXA19 (3 reviews)
Signature 15CHPX (3 reviews)
XP19 (15 reviews)

Environmental Impact

Lennox's environmental protection policy states that the company will comply with international laws, educate its employees, use non-polluting technologies and operate with recycled materials. It touts its 26-SEER air conditioner, its SLP98V furnace and its SunSource solar-powered systems as examples of technologies that help the environment by requiring less power to operate. Lennox was the first company to be named an Energy Star Manufacturing Partner of the Year. It also is a member of the Thermostat Recycling Corp. and of the Canadian Thermostat Recovery Program.

Contractor Certification

Lennox works directly with its dealers, rather than through distributors. According to the manufacturer, this gives dealers the benefit of dedicated support from Lennox's territory managers, sales and development teams and field technical consultants. This dealer-direct system also is intended to speed response time. Lennox dealers are able to access the manufacturer's HVAC Learning Solutions program, which includes sales, business and technical training through a variety of formats ranging from onsite training locations across the country to instructor-led and web-based courses. This is intended to help dealers "achieve a higher level of professionalism and success." To become a Lennox dealer, HVAC companies simply need proper licensure in their state. However, Premier Dealers are required to sell only Lennox products and in return get specialized training on sales and other topics.

How to find an HVAC Contractor

FurnaceCompare's free Find a Contractor tool can help you find qualified pre-screened contractors.

Contacting Lennox

Lennox Industries
P.O. Box 799900
Dallas, TX 75379-9900

Phone: (800) 953-6669


The base Lennox warranty varies by series:

  • Signature Series products feature a 10-year parts, 10-year compressor and 20-year or Limited Lifetime heat exchanger (depending upon model) warranty
  • Elite Series products carry a 5-year parts, 10-year compressor and 20-year or Limited Lifetime heat exchanger (depending upon model) warranty; an
  • Merit Series products hold a 5-year parts, 5-year compressor and 20-year heat exchanger warrant

No registration is required to receive basic warranty benefits, but extended options are available.

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