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Laars Boilers and Hot Water Heaters

Updated: Apr 28, 2015
By Gary Sprague
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Laars HVAC Equipment

Laars manufactures residential and commercia water heaters and boilers. Laars is headquartered in Rochester, New Hampshire, and is an independent subsidiary of the Bradford White Corp, a privately held company.

Corporate History

Laars was founded in 1948 by engineer Avy Miller and purchased by Water Pik Technologies (NYSE:PIK) in the 1960s. The company was purchased by Bradford White, also in the commercial water heating market, in June 2005 for $24 million.

Product Lines

Laars markets residential condensing hydronic boilers under the product names Endurance, Mascot LX, MiniTherm, Mighty-Therm and Neotherm. The Endurance line is up to 85 percent efficient, the Mascot LX line is up to 96 percent efficient, the MiniTherm is up to 85 percent efficient, the Mighty-Therm is up to 85 percent efficient and the Neotherm is up to 95 percent efficient. The Mascot can be purchased as a stand-alone boilers or as combination boiler/water heater, and the Endurance is available only as a combination unit. 

Both the Mascot LX and the Neotherm have earned the Energy Star Most Efficient of 2015 label.

Reviews by Series

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Mascot LX (7 reviews)
Mini-Therm (11 reviews)
Neotherm (4 reviews)
9600 CB (1 review)
Mascot (6 reviews)
Mascot II (12 reviews)

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Contacting LAARS

Laars Heating Systems Co.
20 Industrial Way
Rochester, NH 03867

Phone: (603) 335-6300


Laars' residential oil-fired boilers come with a 1-year parts warranty and a non-prorated limited lifetime warranty for the heat exchanger. Gas boilers, however, come with a 1-year parts warranty, a 10-year non-prorated warranty on parts for the primary heat exchanger, followed by a limited 20-year warranty for the heat exchanger. For commercial boilers, the non-prorated vs. prorated period for the heat exchanger warranty is 5 and 10 years, respectively.

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