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Islandaire Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

Updated: Sep 6, 2018
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Islandaire HVAC Equipment
Air Conditioner Series

Islandaire manufactures portable air conditioners, heat pumps, water source heat pumps, and gas-fired heating units. The company has built its reputation in the HVAC market as a producer of thru-the-wall air conditioners that can replace older units made by manufacturers who have stopped making these products, gone out of business, or no longer supply replacement parts. Islandaire is a private company.

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Corporate History

The East Setauket, New York, company was founded in 1992 by Robert Hansen and is now a multi-million dollar enterprise. Its 75,000 square foot manufacturing plant is located on Long Island, where the engineering, production, sales, and customer service departments have all been integrated.

Product Lines

Islandaire's through-the-wall units are designed to fit within the inner wall sleeves of other brands. Among the brands whose products can be replaced by Islandaire are: American Air Filter, Friedrich Climate Master, Weil-Mclain, Chromalox, American Standard, Singer, Remington, Carrier, McQuay, and Icecap.

In 2013, Islandaire signed a strategic partnership with Telkonet which will provide Islandaire with the resources and technology to integrate Telkonet's EcoSmart wireless thermostat and energy management packages directly into their units.

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Contacting Islandaire

500 Middle Country Road #100
Saint James, NY 11780

Phone: (800) 886-2759


All Islandaire products are covered by a 12 months parts and labor warranty. An extended parts and labor warranty of up to 10 years is available.

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