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Homart Furnaces

Updated: May 11, 2015
By Gary Sprague
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Homart was the trade name for a brand of furnaces sold by Sears Roebuck for several decades beginning in the 1940s. Garfield Heights, Ohio-based Dornback Furnace & Foundry Co. supplied Sears with the products.

Adams Manufacturing Co. acquired Dornback Furnace in 1992, and today sells a full line of high-efficiency commercial and residential gas and oil-fired warm-air furnaces under the Dornback name that can run conventional cooling systems.


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Corporate History

Based on old newspaper clippings, it appears that Homart furnaces were actively marketed between (at least) 1946 - 1968. The trademark for the Homart name, owned by Sears, expired in 1992.

Product Lines

Homart sold a large line of gas- and oil-fired furnaces. The Homart 200 was available in 80,000 BTU gas models and 75,000 BTU oil units. The Homart 400 was an 84,000 BTU oil-fired furnace, while the Homart 600 was available as both an oil or gas furnace that featured a ceramic heat exchanger and adjustable belt drive, and was adaptable to air conditioning. There was also a Homart 600 4-section cast iron gas boiler. Homart also produced a 5-section cast iron oil boiler and a steel coal furnace.

While the units themselves are no longer sold, anecdotal evidence on consumer review sites indicate that these units had a long lifespan, with questions about these older units dating to as recently as 2013. Units of the Homart 600 gas furnace, the 600 boiler, and coal furnace that were sold in the 1950's and 1960's were still functioning well as recently as 2013, according to online HVAC forums.  

Today, Dornback Furnace makes five series of high-efficiency oil and gas furnaces: Highboy, Horizontal, Lowboy, Counterflow and the Gravity gas furnace. Most of these are adaptable for summer air-conditioning units by adding a cooling package to the existing or oil-fired warm air furnace. A wide range of models and sizes is available.

Homart parts can still be found through Sears.

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Contacting Homart

Sears PartsDirect
P.O. Box 9009
Mobile, AL 36691-0009

Phone: (800) 252-1698


Most Homart products were covered by a 15-year warranty on the entire unit.

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