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Heat Controller

Updated: Apr 21, 2015
By Gary Sprague
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Heat Controller Inc. manufactures a wide variety of products for residential and commercial heating, cooling and dehumidification. Heat Controller is a private company headquartered in Jackson, Michigan. The company's products are sold under the Comfort-Aire and Century names.

Corporate History

The Heat Controller company was established in 1933 in Ohio, although the company's beginnings can be traced back to the Wingert Furnace Factory, which began operations in 1907. The original focus of the company was on building gas, coal and oil furnaces. In 1955, the company moved to Jackson, Mich., and added to its repertoire air conditioners, dehumidifiers and central air conditioning under the Comfort-Aire brand. In 1975, the company acquired the Century brand. In 2000, the company purchased Aitons' Equipment Inc., which allowed it to further build its international base. In May of 2013 Heat Controller merged with MARS, a supplier of HVAC motors and components.

Product Lines

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The company produces a wide array of air conditioning products, including portable units, window units and room units with electric heat. It also manufactures the Patriot 80 oil furnace, split-system heat pumps,  gas furnaces, central air conditioning units and numerous accessories. Several gas furnaces are available with efficiencies ranging from 80% AFUE to 95% AFUE.  Also available are units designed for manufactured housing. 


Residential offerings include central air conditioning, heat pumps, and oil and gas furnaces. Heat Controller's commercial products vary from water source heat pumps to rooftop heating and cooling. 

Reviews by Series

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Environmental Impact

Heat Controller offers a line of geothermal heat pump systems, several of which have earned the Energy Star label. 

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Contacting Heat Controller

Heat Controller
1900 Wellworth Avenue
Jackson, MI 49203

Phone: (517) 787-2100


Heat Controller offers a variety of warranties based on their individual products. However, a 5-year warranty for parts is fairly standard among its products. All products must be registered within 90 days of purchase to activate the warranty. Heat Controller also offers an extended warranty for purchase by consumers who prefer more protection from repair bills.

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