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Emerson Quiet Kool Air Conditioners

Updated: Mar 30, 2015
By Gary Sprague
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Emerson Quiet Kool Corp. manufactured the Quiet Kool room air conditioning line for many decades until the brand was discontinued following a series of acquisitions. Older units of these room air conditioners can still be found from some dealers today. 

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Corporate History

Jepson Corp. became the parent company of Emerson Quiet Kool Corp. during an acquisition in 1983. In 1991, Emerson was sold by Jepson to Fedders Corp. at a price of $56 million.

Fedders continued to market room air conditioners under the Emerson brand name for at least the next decade. In 2008, Fedders was acquired by the Airwell Group, a subsidiary of Elco Holding Ltd. 




Product Lines

Although no longer manufactured, Emerson Quiet Kool through-the-wall air conditioners offered features such as 8-way air direction and a universal trim-frame kit for simple installation. Units reached up to 9 EER and many included an Energy Save feature to further improve efficiency. Several units, such as the 12MW42K Thru-the-Wall unit for example, offer 2-speed electric heat up to 10,000 BTU.

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Contacting Emerson

2500 City West Blvd # 300
Houston, TX 77042

Phone: (609) 662-5300


Given the age of Emerson Quiet Kool units, warranty information no longer is available for these units. 

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