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Electrolux Central Air Conditioners

Updated: Feb 19, 2015
By Gary Sprague
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Electrolux offers window, split-system and portable air conditioners under the Electrolux name.  The company is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with U.S. headquarters located in Peoria, Illinois. Electrolux had net sales of $12.9 billion in 2014.

Corporate History

Electrolux was established in 1919 as a home appliance manufacturer, designing vacuums and refrigerators. Through acquisitions and company growth, Electrolux has become a global manufacturer of household and professional appliances and sells products under its own name as well as its brand names in more than 150 markets worldwide. The company has more than 61,000 employees around the world and sells a wide variety of HVAC products under its brands such as FrigidairePhilco and Kelvinator. In 2014 Electrolux purchased GE Appliances, which includes its line of air conditioners and water heaters.

Product Lines

The Electrolux cooling product line consists of window units, split-systems and portable air conditioners, none or which are designed or available for sale in the U.S. Electrolux provides a wider spectrum of HVAC products through its GE, Frigidaire, Philco and other brands. 


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Contacting Electrolux

Electrolux Home Products - North America
P.O. Box 3900
Peoria, IL 61612

Phone: (800) 896-9756


Warranties on Electrolux products vary depending upon the brand and specific equipment purchased. Homeowners should consult a local dealer for additional information.

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