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Eco-King Heating

Updated: Feb 17, 2016
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Eco-King is a supplier of high efficiency boilers and indirect water heater tanks. Eco-King is a trademark of King Heating Products, a privately-owned company headquartered in Surrey, BC, Canada.

Corporate History

Eco-King heating products was established in Langley, BC, Canada, in 2009. In 2011 the company moved to Surrey, BC, where is it currently located. Eco-King distributes products throughout North America.

Product Lines

The Eco-King Supreme is a fully modulating, European-style boiler with an efficiency of up to 95% AFUE. It is available in three sizes and two styles: the H model, which provides domestic hot water via an indirect tank; and the C model, which is a combi boiler and provides on-demand hot water. The Eco-King Supreme is engineered and manufactured in the Netherlands.

The company also supplies stainless steel indirect water tanks ranging in capacity from 30 to 132 gallons and glass line indirect water tanks in 52- and 80-gallon capacities.

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Contacting Eco-King

King Heating Products
105-2455 192 St
Surrey, BC V3S 3X1

Phone: 604-385-3265


Eco-King offers a 2-year warranty on boiler parts and a 12-year warranty on the heat exchanger. Stainless steel indirect water tanks are covered by a limited lifetime warranty, and glass lined tanks have a 5-year limited warranty.

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