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Dornback Air Conditioners and Oil Furnaces

Updated: Aug 30, 2018
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Dornback Manufacturing makes a full line of residential and commercial oil and gas furnaces that the manufacturer says can be adapted to work as air-conditioners simply by adding a cooling package to the existing furnace. Dornback is owned by the Adams Manufacturing Co. Adams had revenue of approximately $1.1 billion in 2017.

Corporate History

Dornback Furnace and Foundry began in 1907 as a one-man hardware store and plumbing service called Dornback Hardware and Plumbing Co. As business grew, Dornback expanded its line of services to include boiler installations. By 1923, Dornback also was selling and installing home heating equipment. Most home furnaces at this time were coal fired; in 1937, Dornback opened a foundry to make repair parts for all types of coal furnaces. The company built its first furnace in 1939, and by the late forties it supplied furnaces under the trade name "Homart" to the Sears Roebuck Co.

Adams Manufacturing purchased Dornback in 1992 and continues to market under the Dornback brand. Following the acquisition, Adams greatly expanded its production facilities. In 2003, the company received a grant from the National Oil Research Alliance that allowed it to develop a condensing oil-fired furnace that operates with more than 99 percent.

Product Lines

Dornback offers a full line of high-efficiency, oil- and gas-fired warm-air furnaces that are pre-wired to run air-cooled condensing units. The company sells five series of oil and gas furnaces: the Highboy, Horizontal, Lowboy, Counterflow and Gravity gas furnace. Units offer options for how and where they are installed and range from 90,000 to 1 million BTU/H. The manufacturer says its Gravity gas-fired furnace distributes heats evenly from a cabinet that has been specially designed to minimize operation noise.

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Contacting Dornback

Dornback Furnace Division
9545 Granger Road.
Garfield Heights, OH 44125

Phone: (216) 662-1600


Dornback offers a 20-year warranty on the heat exchanger and a 5-year warranty on the parts for the condensing oil-fired furnaces. 

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