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Burnham Hydronics

Updated: Aug 29, 2018
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Burnham Hydronics, which since 2009 has operated under the name U.S. Boiler Co. Inc., makes residential (gas, oil and electric) and commercial (gas and combination gas/oil) boilers, and residential and commercial central air conditioners. Burnham Holdings, a publicly-held company (OTOX: BURCA) headquartered in Lancaster, Pa., owns U.S. Boiler Co.. Burnham Holdings has 14 subsidiaries including the U.S. Boiler Co.. Others in the company's residential segment are New Yorker Boiler Co., Governale, Thermo Products (formerly Thermo Pride) and Crown Boiler. Burnham Holdings reported 2017 annual sales of $176.7 million.

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Corporate History

Burnham Holdings has been in business more than 125 years. The company highlights the fact that all of its Burnham boiler castings are made in the United States.

Product Lines

U.S. Boiler Co. makes the claim that it has introduced more new, high efficiency products over the last several years "than any other company at any time in the history of hydronic heating." Among its offerings are Energy Star-certified gas-fired residential boilers; high efficiency oil-fired boilers; a range of condensing boilers; three-pass, oil-fired, steam boilers; and an atmospheric gas boiler with 85 percent AFUE. The company's boilers reportedly reach efficiencies of more than 95 percent.

Burnham's discontinued lines include the Revolution.

Reviews by Series

Alpine (33 reviews)
ESC (2 reviews)
Independence (13 reviews)
MPO-IQ (3 reviews)
Revolution II (5 reviews)
Series 2 (19 reviews)
Freedom (5 reviews)
MPO (3 reviews)
Revolution (1 review)
V7 (26 reviews)
V8 (27 reviews)

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Contacting Burnham

U.S. Boiler Co. Inc.
PO Box 3020
Lancaster, PA 17604

Phone: (888) 432-8887


Burnham/U.S. Boiler Co. provides a limited one-year warranty on residential water boilers as well as a limited lifetime warranty on heat exchangers. The company's indirect-fired tank heaters have a 10-year limited tank replacement warranty (with registration this can be improved to a lifetime warranty) and a 1-year parts warranty. All warranties are for the original owner and the original place of installation only. Extended warranties are available through the manufacturer.

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