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Buderus Boilers

Updated: Aug 17, 2018
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Buderus HVAC Equipment

Buderus is a manufacturer of residential and commercial boilers. The company's U.S. headquarters is located in Londonderry, New Hampshire. Buderus is part of Bosch Thermotechnology, a subsidiary of The Bosch Group, which had worldwide sales of approximately $89 billion in 2017.

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Corporate History

Buderus Heiztechnik GmbH was founded in Welzlor, Germany, in 1731, at which point the Buderus family produced cast iron products. However, heating technologies were in manufacture as early as 1825; its first cast iron boiler was made in 1898. The company's wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary was formed in 1990 in New Hampshire. Buderus was acquired by Robert Bosch Co. in 2003.

Product Lines

 [ BUDERUS Series : G215 ]

Among its gas heating options, Buderus offers both condensing and conventional boilers. The company says its condensing gas boilers offer the most consistent heating experience, as well as energy savings. Units such as the Logmax Plus GB142 offer up to 96 percent AFUE, with output of up to 214,000 BTU/H. The company puts an emphasis on quick installation and easy maintenance through features such as the GB142's prefabricated manifold and the Logano Plus GB312's compact footprint. Its conventional gas boilers also are promoted for their quick return on investment, thanks to their efficiency. These units offer features such as extra-thick thermal insulation and 3-pass heat exchangers. 

The manufacturer says that its conventional oil boilers can be used for either residential or commercial applications, and the Logano G215 is Energy Star rated. Buderus also offers a wide selection of storage tanks for use with its boilers.

Reviews by Series

G115WS (6 reviews)
G215 (5 reviews)
G234X (3 reviews)
GB142 (72 reviews)
Logamax Plus GB142 (20 reviews)
SSB (0 reviews)
G115 (12 reviews)
G124X (9 reviews)

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Contacting BUDERUS

Buderus USA
50 Wentworth Avenue
Londonderry, NH 03053

Phone: 800-283-3787


Buderus has two different warranties, one for residential boilers and one for commercial. Residential boilers carry a 5-year warranty, although a limited lifetime warranty covers defects for the heat exchanger. Commercial models have a 1-year warranty on the full boiler, with a limited 5-year warranty on their heat exchangers.

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