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Boyertown Furnaces and Boilers

Updated: Apr 16, 2018
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Boyertown Furnace manufactures furnaces and boilers for both residential and commercial applications. Boyertown Furnace is a privately-owned company headquartered in Boyertown, Pennsylvania.

Corporate History

Boyertown Furnace dates itself back to 1939 when Frank Wilhelm first designed the oil-fired warm air furnace known today as the Hallmark. He later founded Atlantic Heating and Cooling Co. in Baltimore. Boyertown Furnace Co. purchased Atlantic Heating and Cooling and moved its manufacturing facilities to Boyertown, PA, in 1980. In 1992 Boyertown Furnace doubled the size of its Pennsylvania facility.


Product Lines

Boyertown may be best known for its Hallmark brand of oil-fired warm air furnaces. These units are designed to be highly serviceable, with features such as a large opening near the heat exchanger and external controls and burner. They are available in numerous configurations and with flues in the front and rear.

In addition to this brand, the company also produces the Regal Star warm air furnaces. They offer efficiencies up to 85.9 percent and come with the option of an ECM or PCS blower motor.

Solaia boilers round out the company’s residential product line-up. Unlike the furnaces, these Energy Star-rated, cast iron products are available as either gas- or oil-fired.

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Contacting Boyertown Furnace Company

Boyertown Furnace
156 Holly Dr.
Boyertown, PA 19512

Phone: (610) 369-1450


Many of the company’s products feature a limited lifetime warranty. Contact your dealer for specifics on your product’s warranty.

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