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AquaCal Heat Pumps

Updated: Sep 13, 2018
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AquaCal manufactures heat pumps for use in residential pools and spas. The company is headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, and is part of the Team Horner family of companies. Team Horner is an employee-owned company.

Corporate History

AquaCal was founded in 1981. The company was acquired in 1992 by Team Horner, a Florida-based swimming pool supply company. Team Horner includes several brands in the swimming pool and spa business and employs approximately 450 people worldwide. In 2014 owner Bill Kent stepped down and sold the company to employees through an employee-owned stock plan. 

According to the company, today Aquacal is the largest pool heat pump manufacturer in the world.

Product Lines

AquaCal markets heat pumps under five brand names: HeatWave SuperQuiet, TropiCal, GBB, Water Source, SunPower, and TropiCool. The HeatWave SuperQuiet is the top-selling unit and features both heat only and heat & cool models, while the Water Source is a geothermal heat pump which transfers free heat from nearby wells, lakes, canals, or oceans to swimming pools.

Other features include heat exchangers made from titanium, keypad lockouts to prevent tampering, quiet operation mechanisms, digital thermostats, corrosion-proof cabinets, and off-set plumbing for easier installation.

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Contacting AquaCal

2737 24th Street North
St. Petersburg, FL 33713

Phone: 727-823-5642


AquaCal's heat pumps are covered by 7-year parts and compressor warranties, with a 2-year labor warranty, in the state of Florida and in the Northeast. Other locations have a 2-year parts warranty, 7-year compressor warranty, and 2-year labor warranty.

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