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What is the BTU for the Coleman LX?

Post created: 2014-06-11 Type of Equipment: Furnace Views: 542

This question was created on the page: https://www.furnacecompare.com/furnaces/coleman/lx.html.

On 2014-06-12 Danielle wrote:

The BTU per hour output for the Coleman LX varies by model number. The list below displays the model numbers and corresponding BTU's.


Model Number BTUs per Hour

TM9M060B12MP12 60,000

TM9M080B12MP12 80,000

TM9M080C16MP12 80,000

TM9M100C16MP12 100,000

TM9M100C20MP12 100,000

TM9M120D20MP12 120,000

TM9T060B12MP11 60,000

TM9T080B12MP11 80,000

TM9T080C16MP11 80,000

TM9T100C16MP11 100,000

TM9T100C20MP11 100,000

TM9T120D20MP11 120,000

TM9V060B12MP11 60,000

TM9V080B12MP11 80,000

TM9V080C16MP11 80,000

TM9V100C16MP11 100,000

TM9V100C20MP11 100,000

TM9V120D20MP11 120,000

TM9X060B12MP11 60,000

TM9X080B12MP11 80,000

TM9X080C16MP11 80,000

TM9X100C16MP11 100,000

TM9X100C20MP11 100,000

TM9X120D20MP11 120,000

TP9C060B12MP12 60,000

TP9C080B12MP12 80,000

TP9C080C16MP12 80,000

TP9C100C16MP12 100,000

TP9C100C20MP12 100,000

TP9C120D20MP12 120,000

On 2015-06-17 Greggan Andersson Nordin wrote:

A furnace's performance is measured on it's efficiency. Example; a 100,000 BTU furnace with a efficiency of 95% will lose +/- 5% of the available BTUs contained in the oil, natural, or LP gas it has been supplied.

This of course is a variable. All fuels are not equal.

Performing the required routine maintenance, cleanliness of the unit, cleanliness of the air filter, the type and quality of fuel.

Strict adherence to the manufacturer's suggested adjustments of the particular model.

Altitude also effects efficiency. Most furnace efficiency ratings are based at sea level atmospheric conditions.

Any properly maintained, properly sized duct work, and tuned furnace will produce the best efficiency possible, given the efficiency of it's design.

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