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My 5 ton Ruud AC us 4 years old, it cost us $600.00 last year for recharge it is out of gas again. is it worth trying to find leak and repair or junk it and buy a new AC?

Post created: 2013-07-21 Type of Equipment: Air Conditioner Views: 43

This 5 ton AC is 4 years old now. last year it cost $600.00 to recharge gas due to leak. original installer could not find leak. he blamed it on home builder said they probably drove a nail through refrigerator lines in wall. this year it is out of gas again. I had a different AC company look at it they said I was between a rock and a hard place. I now am looking to replace unit after reading reviews about Ruud leaks in compressor and in the evaporator coils Im looking at close to $7,000 to fix, My home is 4 years old, builder went bankrupt. original installer could care less about our problem.

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