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Is Trane or Carrier rated better

Post created: 2013-06-01 Type of Equipment: Air Conditioner Views: 1718

This question was created on the page: https://www.furnacecompare.com/ac_ratings.html.

On 2013-06-01 JB wrote:

This is a lot like the Ford Chevy debate, though I would say that recently Ford has been winning. I suppose with Trane and Carrier the same could be said in that they are both continually vying for top HVAC dog.

In the ratings on this site Trane comes in a bit higher than Carrier, but I think the difference in these ratings is negligible. I think that to figure out which is best for you, you need to think about your needs. For example, do you want to have two or more zones? What features are you looking for? Do you want a furnace/AC system and if so does it make sense to mix brands for best performance? What is the heat/cooling load (measured in BTU for heat and tons for cooling)and what level of efficiency are you looking for? What kind of warranty do you want (includes labor, long life, etc.)?

Also, and this is really important, as you do your research and talk with reps from both companies and HVAC installers/contractors, which one do you feel more comfortable with? If all other aspects are relatively equal, go with the people you like and trust the most.

To keep legal happy, let me just say that I am not an HVAC contractor, and you should never even look at your furnace without having a qualified, liability accepting HVAC contractor present.  To keep sales happy, let me just say that you can find an HVAC contractor that's happy to take your money here: http://www.furnacecompare.com/perl/find_contractors.pl.

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