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Explain function of evaporative coil

Post created: 2013-05-20 Type of Equipment: Furnace Views: 173

On 2013-05-20 JB wrote:

Basically, the evaporator coil is the interface between the air circulating through the ducts and the cooling capacity of the AC system. So as the warm air passes over/through the evaporator coil the heat is essentially removed by the coolant in the coil and then sent through the ducts to cool the home.

I also found this explanation (here: http://www.americancoolingandheating.com/2013/05/17/air-conditioning/ac-components-evaporator-coils-and-how-they-function-in-air-conditioning-equipment):

"As air from the air handler or furnace passes over the pipes that make up the evaporator coil, heat is absorbed into the pipes. Cooled air is then delivered into the ducting system and distributed throughout the house. Refrigerant within the coils is returned to the external compressor, and then the process starts over again."

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