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Why do we have to replace 50 feet of armaflex and lineset when replacing our central air conditioner?

Post created: 2013-04-22 Type of Equipment: Air Conditioner Views: 345

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Our unit is at least 20 years old, very inefficient. The quote for a 14 seer included 50 feet of lineset and armaflex, wiring why would that be if they are just replacing the unit?

On 2013-04-24 JB wrote:


I believe what you are talking about is the "line set." This is the copper tubing that carries refrigerant from the condenser outside of the house to the cooling equipment inside the house. Because this carries refrigerant that is still actively cooling it will form condensation and sweat. The Amraflex is used to insulate the line set to protect against condensation and sweating.

The length of both that you need depends on how far the line set has to travel from the condenser to the inside equipment. Since you have a system that is 20 years old they are likely replacing it because it is old and near failure and may not be compatible with the new system. It is also likely the newer line set is better at performing its job than the older material.

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