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This unit was recalled for degrading seals leading to CO2 leaks in environment . How was this rectified zbd when ?

Post created: 2018-03-04 Type of Equipment: Furnace Views: 4

This question was created on the page: https://www.furnacecompare.com/furnaces/york/diamond-80.html.

The York Deluc Diamond 80 had degragatinkrcseal failure causing leaking of CO2 over time increased per the failure of the seals this caused strong serious health medical symptoms and residents of ore existing conditions immunity related and other would create also symptoms in healthy residence that resolved back to colleges and return over the longer breaks. All 5 residence affected and the miost serious was the home care taker Mom. This discovery was from a hazmak different top rated heating abd Cooling who opened the unit found the electrical box on the ground and that until not unbolted that shock hazards existed. The installer and seller of this unit was maintaining twice a year verifying wellness and clean up file winter start up sbd ssorinh summer . The installer installed the Humidifier wrong side of machine creating expelling black mold and awaiting other tests . The installer never advjsed this útil being a recalled unit with the reasons for recall matching the serious syptomd slowly increasing each year to an amount that some suffered and the installer charged ffot checking the unit he installed June 6 2017 and advjsed ckean up Littlet mold other wise all good. The installer kf mcdufee Heating abd cooling / Jerry and Sharon Bennet still giving invoices from Kenneth Mcduffe crossed out and jery Bennet in place. My fees paid in one start up and wellness check June 6 was over 340.00 and saved all invoices . It was expert looked into abd advjsed I no way had he been in the unit or he obvious see the dangerous life threatimg electric power box disconnected off position on floor just inch say from opening panel. Additionally in clear view his hat described by home owner abd blue shoe contractor covers worn in installing this sold york by him and installed by him in 2001. This unit would not pass an insiection as the concerns warranting a co2 test shown higher levels setting off co2 alarm jerry advjsed malfunctioning and advised he checked and all is ok. The numbers were not given to homecowver as the recent company did. The humidifier and all secrrr growth molds on clothing in the machine left were swabbed abd out to labs as saved for other purposes . Thd images are unbelievable and reasonable to have require fulll ckcesn up after removing both aurvznd heating systems replaced by non recalled units . The home owner kerceuvrd common sense must exist ti have kaws ir city codes that recalled gas appliances and leaks if co2 are can’t be fixed and reinstalled . If so thd dudcosure Of thsat in a proposal must be disclosed to home iwver and with out was definitely life threatening .

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