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Model# STA090-1-14 doesn't get any of the rooms warm enough

Post created: 2013-03-27 Type of Equipment: Furnace Views: 202

This question was created on the page: https://www.furnacecompare.com/furnaces/carrier/base-80.html.

ABOUT THREE WEEKS AGO. Had a problem from the very beginning. Guys who did installation came back and now have all ducts in attic wide open. Have to keep thermostat no lower than 76 and house still isn't warm enough, but i did get the largest utility bill I've ever had.

On 2013-03-27 JB wrote:

It sounds like this is a new furnace. If so it may not be properly sized to the house, too small, so that it doesn't essentially have the horsepower to get the home warm and keep it warm. This would cause it to run very inefficiently and would chew through fuel.

It could also be a sensor on the furnace (high or low temp sensor) that isn't set properly or isn't working as it should. And if this is a new installation perhaps a vent is too close to a thermostat and essentially tricking it into thinking the house is warm. Not sure if this could be the problem since the furnace would be shutting down before warming the house (short cycling) and that doesn't seem to be the case if you are using so much fuel.

However, since your utility bills are so high and the furnace isn't able to do the job of heating the house efficiently, it may be the wrong size. Maybe bringing in a new certified HVAC tech is the first place to start in order to get a second opinion.

To keep legal happy, let me just say that I am not an HVAC contractor, and you should never even look at your furnace without having a qualified, liability accepting HVAC contractor present.  To keep sales happy, let me just say that you can find an HVAC contractor that's happy to take your money here: http://www.furnacecompare.com/perl/find_contractors.pl.

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