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My furnace blower seems to be barely blowing out any air. Is there a setting for blower speed? Model 383kav024055

Post created: 2013-03-24 Type of Equipment: Furnace Views: 674

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Blower turns on but feel no air from ducts in the house.

On 2013-03-25 JB wrote:

Is their an error code being indicated by the furnace? This would be a set of flashing lights or an LED display. You should be able to find a list of error codes (sometimes called fault codes) in your owner manual or located on the inside cabinet door. If you are getting an error code it means there is a problem with the furnace and not a blower speed setting.

If there is little air being blown out it could mean there is a problem with the blower motor or a clog in the ducts. Also, is the furnace heating? If there is a problem with air flow through the furnace it will not ignite.

Lastly, have you cleaned or changed the filter recently? It may be that the filter is dirty.

At any rate, since it seems like it just started not blowing air or enough air that it is due to a problem rather than a fan setting speed.

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