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No power to inducer. P.stch problem indicated. Replaced p.swtch & testing new controller. Is the indcucer the problem? IslandJohn.

Post created: 2013-03-21 Type of Equipment: Furnace Views: 155

On 2013-03-22 JB wrote:

Have you checked the hoses leading to the pressure switch? It could also be an issue with the control board (needs to send 120 volts for inducer motor to run, I believe), which you are checking out. Have you also thought to check the stat? It may be that the furnace simply isn't getting the call for heat, which would certainly prevent the inducer motor from starting.

You can also try shutting all power to the furnace off and seeing if you can spin the inducer motor shaft to check if it is bound up, though if you are unfamiliar with shutting the power off or working on a furnace, this could be a very dangerous thing to do. In fact, it is strongly recommended that you call a certified HVAC tech in to perform this level of diagnostic.

There is also the possibility that some safety switch or other safety component has been unset or set off and that is preventing the furnace from starting.

Again, if you are unfamiliar with working on furnaces and untrained, it is recommended that you call in a certified HVAC tech to perform a diagnostic.

To keep legal happy, let me just say that I am not an HVAC contractor, and you should never even look at your furnace without having a qualified, liability accepting HVAC contractor present.  To keep sales happy, let me just say that you can find an HVAC contractor that's happy to take your money here: http://www.furnacecompare.com/perl/find_contractors.pl.

On 2013-03-23 IslandJohn wrote:

Thanks JB:

Your right about all of the above. Our HVAC guy had to pull-in their top-gun to get this job done! Tried a controller (in the van) but inducer sounded gravelly, hence the concerns. Eventually our guy got a universal controller (the right one) to work but was a heck of a job to interpret their directions. The document seemed to hide the fact that a jumper was required... but by supper-time the furnace and inducer motor were running smoothly. All speaks to the need for better O&M manuals and diagnostic tips from manufacturers that should be provided on-line. Thanks again.

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