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How good is a air heat pump with propane heat backup?

Post created: 2013-03-11 Type of Equipment: Heat Pump Views: 140

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Looking to replace the existing thermo water /heatpump backup electric, with an air pump/backup propane. The unit is 27years old. Do to a leak in freon system

On 2013-03-13 JB wrote:

There's a couple of things to think about. What is the relative cost of propane compared to electricity in your area. Also, if you live in Rochester New York it gets pretty cold there so I would figure on the backup heat source coming on more regularly than if you lived in North Carolina or something. Therefore cost of either power source could be a real consideration.

Also, from what I have heard, electric tends to be more efficient than propane.

And then you have to be sure you have the properly sized electric hookup in your home to properly power an electric backup heater.

Hope this helps.

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