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Unit will not start and everything is working as it should. Remove cover to gas burning area and the unit runs like new. At this time I am running the unit without the cover both

Post created: 2013-03-03 Type of Equipment: Furnace Views: 184

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Unit only lights up with gas burning area cover removed. I am running the unit without the cover to the gas burning area . Whats up with this ?

On 2013-03-05 JB wrote:

When the cover is on will the pilot light? Also, is there an LED display or series of lights on the furnace (near the control board perhaps). If so are they indicating any sort of error code (generally it is a series of flashes that indicates a code that is correlated to a specific problem. You can usually find a list of these codes on the inside panel of the furnace.

What this may indicate (running with panel off) is that there is an airflow problem. If the air flow is not what it should be the furnace will not ignite, which is maybe what is happening when the panel is on. When it is off there is, for some unknown reason, enough air entering the furnace to allow it to run.

I also found this on another website and is very much worth paying attention to:

"Condensate should drain away and it should go down hill. If it is stationary in your drain then it starts moving towards the furnace, you have a intake airflow issue (sounds like its enough to allow the ignition cycle to continue). This can be a dangerous situation as carbon monoxide can be generated. It sounds like you have a obstruction somewhere. Did you check your exhaust? (A partial obstruction, bird/bee nest can cause unusual changes). If there is water in the inducer blower it could mess with airflow too. It might be time to call in a professonal if you cant figure this out. If not, make sure you have a working and properly installed carbon monoxide detector."

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