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A 80%, 100.000btu furnace was replaced by a 95% amana 69btu unit. Do you think it was downsized too much?

Post created: 2013-02-18 Type of Equipment: Furnace Views: 313

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On 2013-02-18 JB wrote:

It is really hard to say from only the information you supplied. For example, how old was the older furnace? Over the last few years, especially 10 or 15, furnaces are far more efficient than in the past so it is not unusual for a lower BTU furnace to replace an older furnace. Also, the efficiency rating for the new furnace is much higher so that will make a very big difference as well.

The question is whether they have either underestimated the heat load for the house or are overestimating the ability of your furnace to do the job. With a modern furnace that has a much higher efficiency rating it very well may be that they didn't get either wrong.

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