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Can I use the serial number to find the contractor that installed my furnace?

Post created: 2013-02-11 Type of Equipment: Furnace Views: 64

This question was created on the page: https://www.furnacecompare.com/furnaces/goodman/gms8.html.

I purchased my home about 18 months ago. The former owner had installed our Amana Distinctions Heater (GMS80905CN) in mid to late 2010. I'm trying to located the original HVAC contractor. Can you help me located them with Serial #1006103003?

The actual Mod number is GMS80905CN and it was installed in mid to late 2010. It was about a year old when we bought the house. About a month ago, our heating unit started getting noisy from what appeared to be excessive vibration. Upon inspection, I found a gas supply line going through a hole in the exchanger enclosure vibrating against the box. I fixed that by placing a small section of hose around the gas line to insulate it from the metal enclosure. There is no heat where the gas line passes through the exchanger enclosure, so the hose does not represent any fire hazard. That fix helped a lot but the unit is still vibrating noisily. I'm not a technician but it seems as though the fan is out of balance. Anyone have any experience with this kind of problem? If so, what's the solution? Thank you, Ken

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