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I have a Windchaser space heater Serial #0004394, Model #WHR-1900. While in my office the unit caught on fire. Fortunately I unplugged unit and removed. Is there a recall on this model? I am concerned had I not been here there could have been a fire in

Post created: 2013-01-11 Type of Equipment: Views: 223

I have a Windchaser model# /WHR-1900 Serial #0004394 that apparently overheated and caught fire while in my office this morning. The unit was plugged directly into wall outlet. I immediately uplugged and removed from building. Is there a recall or defect with this unit? I'm concerned had I not been in this could have resulted in a serious event. Can you advise?

On 2013-01-11 JB wrote:

I couldn't find anything, but you can do a search here (I didn't get a result, though): http://www.recalls.gov/search.html.

Probably the best bet is to call the manufacturer as well as the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

On 2013-01-11 RW wrote:

Thank you for the above information. I will contact both.

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